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Ergonomic Garden Tools That You Should Use


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Gardening is a favorite past time for many people. For the professionals or those really like to spend long hours working in the garden, ergonomic garden tools are preferred. Ergonomic garden tools are basically designed for easy handling and usage. It is a boon for people with problems in their joints and or have weakness in their hands.

Construction of Ergonomic Tools

Ergonomic tools are often made with longer and bigger handles so that they are easier to hold. Many such tools have comfortable foam handles or specially designed grip for better holding. Weight is a very important consideration, so the material used are often lightweight plastic. Lighter weight allows the tool to be lifted and held up for longer duration. The design may also incorporate features like a prop or support.

Some of the ergonomic design considerations may be to enable dual usage or multiple functions. For example, many garden tools such as the tool storage box can double up as a stool or a small stand. Complementing this convenience, are the designs, which allow working from a sitting position. Some tools have longer handles for this purpose. Other tools with long handle may be designed for working from an upright position instead of bending over. An example is the long handle grass shears. Trimming the stubborn growth at the edges of footpaths and walls can be taxing on the body, especially when there is constant bending, leaning over or squatting. The ergonomic design of the long handle grass shears can help to eliminate these problems. Some grass shears are also designed with turning heads to enable the right cutting angle. Some also have wheels attached at the bottom for support.

Powered tools can also be considered ergonomic tools as they reduce the need for muscle power. However, they need to be lightweight for ease of usage.

Ready to Buy Ergonomic Garden Tool?

If you are keen refresh your inventory of garden gadgets, you may want to consider these few pointers. Before you rush to buy one, take a pause and decide what you really need. Do you have a big yard or a small garden? Do you have convenient access to electrical power? Do you have a lot delicate landscaping? All these will determine the types of tools you need. For example, powered tools get the job done fast but if you do not have a big job in the first place, it will not be cost effective.

Next, you need to consider the material and construction of the tools. Look for durable and sturdy material. Being lightweight alone is not cost effective if the tool breaks too easily. Check out the design, especially the handle or the grip. It must be comfortable to hold in all position and at all stages of usage. It is best to handle it and get a feel of the tool before buying. If you are buying on-line, you may want to check out other users’ feedback.

Ergonomic garden tools have really enhanced the lives of many people can continue to enjoy their favorite hobby even when age or disability slow them down. Even if you are not afflicted by physical problems, it is make for a more enjoyable gardening.

Cindy Heller is a professional writer. To learn more about ergonomic garden tool set , please visit Lawn And Garden Tools .

ergonomic garden tools that you should use

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