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Starting a Rose Garden Can Be Rewarding - Grow a Beautiful Garden That You Can Be Proud Of


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First Steps
Many people are daunted by the idea of roses and think only the most experienced gardeners with the greenest thumbs can grow them successfully. Actually they are almost as easy to grow as many other common yard shrubs. When starting a rose garden, first choose your site. Roses enjoy lots of sun all day long and will be more disease resistant if planted in a sunny location with good airflow. Choose a spot that has good drainage, as they hate to stand in water. Also make sure the roses will be in an area they can be easily seen and enjoyed.

Next, plan your layout. Rose bushes will live for many years so think carefully about their placement. Think about what you want your garden to look like, where you want the tall plants and where shorter ones can still be shown off. Make sure you leave enough room to move in between them for weeding, watering and pruning. Placing them in rows is a common choice, but remember, you will be enjoying your rose garden for many years, so choose a layout that is pleasing to you. Take into consideration what the individual plants will look like when mature. Will they be miniature roses, tall free standing shrubs, bushy, or climbing roses? Place your climbers close to a support as they will be quite heavy and gangly when mature.

When starting a rose garden, preparing the soil properly is one of the keys to success. If you have soil with good drainage you are ahead of the game. Dig a much larger hole that you think you will need. This will give the rose a chance to establish it's roots in optimum soil. Mix a light organic material, ideally well composted manure and the recommended amount of a rose or multipurpose shrub fertilizer into your holes.

Plant your roses so that the soil level is where it was in the pot or slightly higher. Make sure to leave a well around each plant to hold water as it is very important for roses to get enough water, especially their first year. You can mulch your new rose garden with straw to maintain moisture and help keep down weeds. Make sure your garden is fenced if you live in an area where deer roam freely.

When starting a rose garden, plan carefully, take time to make the soil rich and well cultivated, and plant your bushes with a little extra loving care. Don't be discouraged if you loose a bush or two. Replant and continue to tend them frequently. If you take theses steps and tend your garden patiently, you will be rewarded with large lush plants and fantastic floral displays for many years to come.

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