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Hummingbird Food Recipe How to Make Hummingbird Food


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Hummingbirds are probably one of the most popular birds that people try to attract to their yards. Of course one of the simplest ways to attract them is to add to your yard the plants that they naturally feed on. This can include flowering plants like honeysuckle or trumpet creepers. But you may not be able to locate these where you can easily see them, so the next best solution is to mount a hummingbird feeder where you can see it, and that means you will need to fill it with hummingbird food.

The classic formulation is make make a solution of one part sugar to four parts water. Most experts suggest that you use cane sugar (the white granulated type is fine. ) Starting with one cup of water and 1/4 cup of sugar should be enough to begin with, but you can make more and store it if you want. Let it cool and then store it in the refrigerator. Try not to store it for more than a couple of weeks.

The water should be boiled first, this not only makes it easier to dissolve the sugar in the water, but helps eliminate the chlorine and any other baddies in the water.

Add the sugar at a rate of 1 cup of sugar for four cups of water. Note that you can depart from this ratio somewhat, and in fact in the wintertime you may want to add more sugar to boost the energy content of the mix. Stir the mixture until the sugar has dissolved.

Be sure to use real sugar, artificial sweeteners are “low calorie" which means they have no nutritional value, and would do the birds no good. Don't use honey, as it has different sugars (not the sucrose naturally found in nectar) and it tends to ferment quicker as well.

Natural nectar is odorless and clear, so there is no need to add food coloring to the mix, and the color of the feeder should be enough to attract your hummingbirds.

That's all there is to making your own humming bird food.

But after you've made the hummingbird food for your feeder, it is critical that you clean your feeder often.

Go to to get more information on cleaning hummingbird feeders , or or you can also find more tips on what to look for in hummingbird feeders there as well.


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