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A Serenity Garden For Your Home


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Most people think about their backyard garden as a place to provide them peace and quiet, a place to relax after a busy day, or maybe a place to draw closer to God. Whether you rise early, to enjoy your garden before heading off to work, or come home from work and retreat to your backyard to unwind, a serenity garden can help to induce a state of calmness.

A serenity garden does take some planning, and some care. There is no real format in how it should be structured. You need to think about what serenity means to you. The design of the garden should reflect your ideas on peace and tranquility. It can include your favorite colors, and comforting landscapes. You may want to jot your ideas on paper, to get an idea of what you want before you start planting the garden. Some common themes for a serenity garden are relaxation, spiritual themes, and memorial themes. You'll want to locate the garden away from loud noises and strong odors. It should be in a location that will help promote tranquility.

When you start creating the serenity garden, you should add features that reflect the theme. If you want a memorial theme, for example, you may want to add items that reflect a loved one who has passed on. If you want relaxation, a gazebo and/or furniture for lounging would be appropriate. Consider also the plants that you want. Varying shades of green fit in well with a relaxation theme, with touches of color from various flowers. Just be sure to provide a place to sit and relax, and enjoy your garden.

Rocks are another element that can be incorporated into a serenity garden. Rocks of varying sizes can be used to build walls or footpaths in the garden, as well as edging for a footpath. Or large rocks can be placed here and there throughout to provide accents, and add a nice contrast to the plants.

Wind chimes can add a gentle, relaxing sound. A waterfall or fountain will also add to the ambience of your backyard serenity garden. If you desire, you can also add speakers and an outdoor sound system to play music while you relax.

If you plan on relaxing in your backyard after dark, you'll want to think about illumination. Tiki torches or candles provide a gentle, flickering light. Just be sure the flames are a safe distance from any tree branches or anything flammable. Low voltage or solar lights can also be used to light a pathway, or to highlight certain features of the garden at night.

A garden is ever changing. Season to season, year to year, you'll see the garden growing and changing. Your garden will continue to grow with you as you make changes to it, and as the it makes changes to you. Whatever the size of your backyard serenity garden, from a small apartment balcony to a large backyard, you can create your own personal retreat, where you can relax, and find your peace and serenity.

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