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Starting a Garden How Big and How Much?


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Many times, when someone decides they want a vegetable garden they will plant far more than what they need, have a garden too large to handle, and then become overwhelmed and discouraged. The thrill of gardening will wear off before the first seed has sprouted, and you will end up with an enormous weed patch and money down the drain. Trust me on this one, I know from experience, because I have made this very mistake!

A word of caution: Don't plan a 50ft garden and don't plant every little seed in that seed packet. You will have more food than you could possibly need! Remember that when the harvest comes in, it is all at once, and when they are ready, they are ready. Consider what you would actually do with 100 cucumbers that are ready to pick in one day!?

So my strong advice is to plant a small, manageable garden to get yourself accustomed to gardening in a way that is not overwhelming, but enjoyable and rewarding. When your garden is smaller, you can weed easier, learn more, and use your harvest wisely. The first year you garden, you will be learning a lot, and this experience, once attained, can help you if you do decide to expand your garden.

What size is considered a small garden? I would say a 4ftx4ft garden is good, possibly even a 5ftx5ft at the most. Keep in mind that weeds grow quickly, and you must be diligent in weeding your garden, even in the sweltering July heat. Your garden will need your attention each and every day. It will need to be weeded, watered, fed, trained and monitored for pests. So keep it smaller, you will still enjoy success, and probably more so!

Stephanie is a homeschooling mother of 3 and owns A High And Noble calling, a blog to encourage and inspire women in their noble callings as homemakers, wives and mothers. You can read articles, find resources, and inspiration for your high and noble calling at

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