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The Best Garden Layout For Good Feng Shui

Fay Chapple

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Ensure you have balance!

There are many different types of gardens from zen to english cottage, from Mediterranean, to modern to courtyard.

Some of us love elaborate gardens while others are happy with simple potted plants. Regardless of what type of garden you have you can apply simple principles to ensure that good Feng Shui is in place! Good chi from a beautiful garden with surround your home with positive energy!

The type of garden you set up should be within keeping of the type of space you are using that garden for. Do you want a meditation space or tranquil thought? or a busy lively backyard where the family gathers to play? Either way you need to ensure that there is a balance of yin and yang energy in the space. A place to sit quietly and a place to also play. Sunlight brings yang energy and helps to grow and distribute positive energy - while shade is equally important to offer quite balance to the yang energy of sunlight. Both are needed - but neither should be overpowering.

Some simple rules for an effective Feng Shui Garden include:

1. Ensure paths and garden bed are curving and meandering

Straight lines are frowned upon and chi will not be allowed to circulate gently

2. Asymmetrical gardens are favoured in Feng Shui

The tai chi or central portion of your backyard or garden is best lets clear

3. Less is more!

Your garden should be spacious avoid overcrowded where chi cannot flow freely

4. Protect your garden!

Minimize any harmful energies from entering your garden from disagreeable neighbors or poison arrows. Do this by planting hedges, trees or a fence to keep you garden safe. Hang beautiful wind chimes to strengthen the good chi and keep it circulating.

5. Fill in any missing corners

Is your Home L shaped and you want to square it off? Us a heavy pot, trees, sculpture or boulder to square off the area where a wall would be that would make your home square or shine a bright light in the area.

6. Fences

Fences are common to homes around the world. If you have a choice vertical shaped fences (symbolizing growth) are ideal. If you are putting in a gate - two doors opening inward is best.

7. Balance of Shape

Your garden should be a mixture of small and tall shrubs, trees and a mixture of colours to ensure good balance of yin & yang.

8. Water features

Water features attract positive chi and symbolize prosperity. Try a small fountain or pebble pond in the South East for added abundance!


Fay Chapple is an International Feng Shui Expert, award winning Interior Decorator and Life Coach, and is Principal of the award winning Home & Life Design Firm Blue Avalon.

Blue Avalon specializes in Interior Decorating, Feng Shui and Abundant Living. Blue Avalon is the publisher of The Blue Avalon Journal, a monthly e-zine packed with ideas, tips and insider secrets! To subscribe log on to our site at and you'll receive a bonus book, The Number One Feng Shui Secret That Will Transform Your Life!

Blue Avalon - “Harmony for your home. . . Balance for your life!"


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