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Herb Gardening The Easy Way


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Herbs are not only for culinary use, there are also many herbs used fro aroma purposes. Growing your own herbs can give you a fresh scent or taste that you could not get anywhere else. It can be very rewarding to serve food to your guest that has been doctored up herbs grown with your own 2 hands. Aromatic herbs can also be rewarding. You can have your home smelling good all year round.

The herb that is grown most often is basil and chive. There are actually a few kinds including dark purple and light green basil. The lighter green basil is the one you see most often. Basil can also be used as a decorative measure to any home. When they are grown they usually have dark green leaves and pinkish flowers. Although basil is sometimes used as decoration it is more often than not an addition to foods. Basil goes great with pasta, garlic bread, dips, and salad dressings. The chive is a much smaller plant, than the basil. The leaf is also much smaller and looks more like green grass lawn. Though, these little delicate looking leaves will withstand rougher conditions than the basil. They can survive in colder, dryer, and less open climate. The chive can easily be grown indoors, and do not require a lot of maintenance. The chive can be an excellent addition to many recipes also. I use my homegrown fresh chives on my baked potatoes all the time. You can also add it to your favorite spaghetti or pasta dishes.

One herb that that is not grown as often, but is worth mentioning is the mint. The mint can also withstand some pretty rough growing conditions, so it is also one to take into consideration if looking after the plants is not always an option. Mint can be used in many dishes and is now often used in the newly popular mahito cocktail drink. Some other herbs to consider include thyme, sage, paprika, borage, chervil, sesame, dill etc.

If you are looking more in the direction of herbs used for aromas and oils then lavender is the first one that comes to mind. Lavender has a wonderful strong smell that is unmistakable. The lavender plant grows a light purple flower than smells absolutely divine. This can be an excellent addition to any herb garden. Lavender is often used in candles, perfumes, incense etc.

The correct temperature and procedure for drying your herbs can make all the difference. Make sure when you dry you fresh herbs you are not storing them in extremely hot or extremely cold places. Room temperature is usually just right when drying your crop. You cut the leaves off and wash them. After this there are a few different methods of drying. The one I most often use is to just tie them together by the stems and hang them up in a dark room or closet. I also put them in a brown paper bag when I hang them but I am not sure this is always necessary. After they are completely dry you can store them in gars for later use.

To sum it up growing herbs can be a nice hobby that can add beautiful flavor and smell to your foods and your home. After growing your first crop you will see that store bought herbs just do not compare anymore. You can save money and have better taste and smells in your life with your very own herb garden.

Simon Morris has been gardening all his life. For him it has been a life long passion. For more information on Organic Gardening you can visit his site below.


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