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The Significance of Father's Day

Leah Spencer

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With the arrival of Adam and Eve, little did one realize that it would be the beginning of mankind. The mankind progressed with the coming of many more men and women. By producing more of their own kind, men and women took up the role of father and mother respectively. It is a known fact from ancient times that the father will take care of the economics of the family while the mother will be responsible for bringing up the children. In all the civilizations across the world this pattern was followed religiously but now for the past century the role of the father in bringing up their children is taking a different meaning all together. This all started in the year 1909. Lets see how?

The idea of recognizing the importance of fathers and devoting a day especially in their favour was thought of by Ms. Sonora Dodd. She belonged to the place called Spokane. Her mother died when Sonora was very young. Her father Henry Jackson brought up 5 children single- handedly. In the year 1909, she was attending a father's day sermon and this idea of celebrating Father's day came to her. Initially her idea was not liked and appreciated by anybody but she kept on working for this for many years so that it becomes official and people start valuing their father's too. It was only in the year1925 when, the then President, Calvin Coolidge for the first time recognized its value and declared a permanent observance of this day.

Now after so many years Father's day is celebrated with a lot of joy on the third Sunday in the month of June every year. This day is celebrated in many countries, predominantly in the US. As no celebration is complete without gifts same is with Father's day. The card shops have a huge sale as they are predominantly chosen as the appropriate gift. A variety of cards in varied shapes, sizes and thoughtful messages are available all over the shops. Next comes flowers after the cards. The official flower for this day is the Rose. White ties are also a favourite gift for many. Many people who donot have their fathers amidst them, offer white or buy white flower in their memory.

If we discuss Father's day in terms of the child development then fathers have a major role to play in their child's life. The father- child bond is above all celebrations because father is the emotional anchor in a child's life. They are always there to give their unconditional love and support in all their endeavours. They might not be present the whole day with the child but just a glance or a phone call for them is enough to brighten a child's day. Psychologically also it has been proved that the girl- child is more attached to their father but now with the size of the families shrinking and most people going in for one- child policy, fathers are taking their responsibilities towards parenthood seriously. Paternal leave for going - to- be fathers is given by the governments so that fathers have an equal role to play in their child's upbringing. Most young fathers are quite hands- on with the daily chores of their babies like nappy change, feeding, carrying them easily from one place to another and attending the monthly PTA's. Infact father is the only figure or a role model for many young children.

The idea of Father's day is to understand the value of father in our lives and just devote one day for him exclusively. The basic idea behind all this is to thank him for what all they do for us. Their contribution towards bringing up the children and helping their wives is also recognized on this day. As all of us we are going to don this duty of either a mother or a father, it is important that we understand the roles our fathers play in our life. We should learn and be prepared to give more than we have got to our children. Happy Father's day to all U wonderful FATHERS!

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