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New Dads - Dance With Your Baby!

Michael Ray King

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Music. Very few people dislike it. Even if we don't care for all forms of music, there is music we all find to be powerful, soothing, sad, happy, etc. As a new father, you need to make the most of every opportunity to bond with your child as you possibly can. The first, most important physical aspect of bonding is touch. That means you need to pick your daughter up and carry her around. Let her fall asleep on your chest. Put her in a Snugli (a pouch that straps her to your chest) and dance.

But if all you are doing is holding her, you are not making the most of this precious time with your baby. It may be difficult to believe, but the infant you are holding now will disappear in a wink. This is a great time to dance with someone who won't criticize your lack of rhythm. You have rhythm? Well, then, you're not using your talents to impact your baby in a positive way.

Put on some music and dance. If you're really good, sing to her while you dance. Don't rush it. Invest the time to make this dance the best dance you'll ever have - each and every time you do it. Music is a natural conduit for emotion. We all connect on some level when we listen to music together. Dancing employs many of the critical bonding mechanisms you need to grow your bond with your baby.

Dancing involves touch, sound (music), rhythm, emotion, and if you sing or talk to your baby while you dance, she is connecting to your voice. It really doesn't matter whether you can waltz or foxtrot. All that matters is that you spend the time to make a connection with your baby.

Many people advocate talking, reading and massaging your baby while she is still in her mother's womb. As long as Mom is up to it, take her dancing while she's pregnant. Start early. Remember, a good, strong bond with Mom will do nothing but help your bond with your baby. I danced with my wife late into her third trimester. Once your baby is born, keep this connection going. Lose yourself in a soulful dance with your precious baby.

In these hectic times, we don't take enough time to relax and experience the joys life has to offer. I believe all of us would like to give our children a less intense world. That won't happen unless we take the time to show them how to be happy in simple, basic ways. Electronics won't do this for us. Electronics CAN"T do this for us. We, as fathers, must step up on the floor and dance.

I recommend that you, as a father, dance with your daughter for the rest of your life and with your son as long as he will allow it. Bond with your children with the aid of music and dance.

Michael Ray King -

I am the father of six wonderful children, ages 2, 9, 11, 13, 21 and 26. With four girls and two boys, I've seen, heard and learned quite a bit. My first book, “Fatherhood 101: Bonding Tips for Building Loving Relationships" was published June, 2008. The book covers the critical bonding years of pre-birth through toddler. To get your copy, go to or look it up on


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