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Lists of Deadbeat Dads


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Deadbeat dads are a pejorative term that refers to those dads who are not financially supportive in their child's life. So, those fathers who fail to pay the child support amount as per the family law order from statutory agency or court are called deadbeat dads. The issue of child support is an upcoming social problem that is faced by most of the countries. Therefore, in order to give all the legal support to the child, family laws generate appropriate order in such direction. The deadbeat dads are rarely good and model citizens. In addition, they are mainly described as mythical monster by the politicians. They are not caring persons at all; mostly they are angry, depressed and frightened men who have several categories. Here is the list of deadbeat dads:

  • One of the top most categories in the list of deadbeat dads are remarried supporters. In this category the fathers are remarried and they support their biological or step-children from second marriage. Often the family of deadbeat dads may be poorer than household of their ex-wife. It may be possible that their ex-wife have married with more successful person. Therefore, the deadbeat dads because of their jealousy and weak economical conditions failed to fulfill their legal liabilities.

  • The next category of fathers in the list of deadbeat dads is the man in poverty. As you know that the cases of divorce and separations mainly take place due to the weak financial conditions. Therefore, it is usual that the deadbeat dads may have no income or they are homeless. Their poverty may be one of the factors of their behavior as deadbeat dads.

  • Those who refuse to provide monetary support to their children are also known as deadbeat dads in the list of deadbeat dads. They do so because they think that their monetary support is misused by the mothers and thus it is not beneficial for their children. However, if they committed in the court that they would pay amount for their child support, then they have to obey the family law order.

  • In addition, in the list of deadbeat dads there is one more category of that father who cannot find his children. Some of the fathers show that they are unable to find their child and thus they cannot support them. However, this is not an excuse for deadbeat dads. If the mothers live with their children in another state and do not want to tell anything about her address to her spouse (due to the domestic abuse), then in such condition court can help her. In place of her, court can collect the payment of child support from the father and send it to the mother as per the conditions.

    In addition, there are many other categories present in the list of deadbeat dads like: men who have actual custody, those who love their children but who would not work for him/her etc.

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