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Father and Daughter Relationships


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Father and daughter relationship is not always look upon as the importance it plays in the life of a child.

The first model of men

A father is the first model of what it is to be a man, the child has no idea what it means to be a man and so it looks up and for many attempts to model this.

Father presence or absent

A father is important to help the child know that they are not alone and that there is someone they can count on.

A father presence helps build a sense of security for the child.

The children feel that they are supported and that they have guidance.

Characteristic that children take to adulthood

Many occasions the child takes on certain characteristics of the father and it is not always done deliberately it is done in the course of their life.

Sometimes a child may mimic their father way of how he does things, laugh or talk to people in the household.

Loving relationship

When a father develops a loving relationship with his daughter he creates a bond between them that last a lifetime.

Generosity with time

A daughter most of the time may feels her father is generous with his time because he can see the value of spending time with her than focusing on the household chores only.

Some times father simply chooses to take the time to spend with his daughter and to reassure that he is there for her when she needs to talk.

As a father builds a relationship with his daughter through his generosity of time he helps build a healthy self esteem in her showing his daughter that she is worth the time spent.

Quarreling in front of your daughter

When a father is conscious that how he and his wife discuss their problems in front of his daughter it changes her history and her perception of how a relationship is build.

Money problems in front of daughter

Majority of people have money problem and how a father talks about in front of his daughter can have a good or bad effect on her ideas of having money in her life.


When a daughter is encourage to go forward and take risk from her father it show he believe in her and her self esteem is build upon.

When a father helps his daughter to take risk by ask for something or buying something at an early age this helps her build confidence in herself.


When a daughter feel supported she goes forward in knowing that she is not alone and that there is someone out there who is behind her.

When daughters feel that she can go forward and attempt new thing it is because she know that she is supported.

Showing by example about problem solving

How a father conducts himself in front of his daughter when in times of difficulty help the daughter do the same, she sees and learns by example how her father behaves.

Having limits

As a father knows his limits and shows by example where he stands the daughter learns at an early age what her father will accept and agree to or not.

The father is the role model for his daughter and when he has a sense of moral or ethical code that he lives by it help her with her values as well.

Conclusion: A father and daughter relationship is important to build a sound foundation for a daughter.

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