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Finding Time With Your Child A Fathers Standpoint


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Finding time with your child in the first couple of months, can be a difficult task for any new father. Most don't even have enough time to join in the fun of choosing clothing, to place on that tiny new form. Unfortunately in a companies mind set, it is not as important for a father-to-be, or new father to obtain as much FMLA (family medical leave act), benefits as it is a mother. These reasons being based upon in my view, a fishiest point of view. There are several fathers this day and age, who leave the work front for months on end, because his wife or partner is the bread winner. These men are not only still an asset in the child's life. But, it is imperative that the father gain the same amount of time, that the mother may have with their child to aid the bonding process.

The first couple of month's in a child's life are an important bonding time, for both the parents and the child. This time allows the new parents to feel out the life of a parent, and enjoy their new blessing. There are also situations, much like the one that I faced during my pregnancy. Our daughter was as stubborn as a mule , and wouldn't turn the right way around to save our lives. We tried laying in several different ways, all the way to harsher methods such as an aversion. He was there with me during all of the pain, to hold and comfort me while we tried to rectify the situation. That wasn't the stopping point, oh no. We had scheduled a C-section for the twenty sixth of July, but our daughter once more being the stubborn girl with a mind of her own. She chose to come on the twenty fifth, that's right one day earlier. I was rushed to the hospital, dilated to an eight before I was taken in.

Needless to say, they had to rush to get her out of my womb. I was laid up within the hospital for the entire week that he had off from work. He had helped tremendously while at the hospital, but that wasn't my concern. He was to go back to work on the day we were being released. This, of course wasn't the best situation for any of us. I was still groggy, and doped up on pain medication, of which they had doubled due to a staple that had been twisted in my stomach. I was left to fend not only for myself, but our new born daughter as well, all while barely being able to move.

His work refused any further FMLA, and denied his pleas for paid time off. We were able to make it through this time, borrowing a van from my mother seemed to help with the daily chores. It allowed me to get her in and out of the car, far easier than if I would have used my old school hatch back. However, what would have made this time much easier. Would have been to have support by my side, her father there to help when we needed it. Companies should be required to offer at very least a month of FMLA for fathers, to help support their wives and children in this time.

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