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Articles about or concerning Entertainment, Preparation, Etiquette.
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How to Host a Low Cost, No Stress Dinner Party

 Ki Gray (July 19, 2008)  Entertaining friends and family in your home is a much bigger undertaking than many people realize. While it may seem like a more “low key" option than going out, in reality there are a lot of things that go into a successful dinner party it's no wonder that a host can easily get carried away and spend more money than intended. To help combat this trend, read on for five tips to .. (Entertaining)

Finding a Florist in New York City

 Dhaval Suthar (July 18, 2008)  So many of the social occasions we find ourselves in do require flower gifting, hence, it is almost impossible not to be in need of a florist's services at least a few times a year. And some events just seem to fall into our laps straight from the blue, like a friend's wedding or sometimes, your own wedding anniversary for that matter! Occasionally, there will even be times when the one . (Entertaining)

Watch Films Online

 Yoshi Hiroshi (July 17, 2008)  Watch films online if you can't watch them on video or in the cinema. Nowadays, where there are way to many videos and full length movies that are being produced and hitting the top of the box offices, it has become almost impossible to cope with all the movies that are worth watching on the big screen in your local cinemas. This difficulty in coping even extends out to two aspects. .. (Entertaining)

Online Sports TV

 A. Militant (July 15, 2008)  Online sports television is a dream come true to many sports fans because in most houses that you visit in this world, there is that someone who won't dare miss the fun of sports. Today, this is made even easier by the invention of global networking, wherein it has made dreams into realities. This only signifies that all kinds of sports can be found in just one web domain. Above all, it . (Entertaining)

Watch Online TV

 A. Militant (July 15, 2008)  Watching online television is made possible by the worldwide cyber networking. Without an internet connection, it is very impossible for one to enjoy the real pleasures of online television. Most of the people prefer this option because the shows are live and consist of various multilingual shows whether it is in French, English or in any other language. A variety of shows indicates .. (Entertaining)

Using an Inflatable Bouncy Hire at Your Next Party

 Adam Blakey (July 14, 2008)  When it comes to providing entertainment and fun at your next party, have you ever thought about using a bouncy inflatable or bouncy castle hire as your theme? There are plenty of inflatable games, bouncy platforms, and inflatable rides that one can hire from a professional party planner that will provide hours of fun for all ages! Kids and teenagers are the ones who really love these .. (Entertaining)

How to Download a Dope Hip Hop Beats Library

 Lindon Bristol (July 10, 2008)  Are you a rapper or a producer that's working on new tracks every possible moment you get a chance to? Are you producing your beats in-house and it is taking a long time? Or are you paying big bucks to download single tracks that can be a hit or straight miss that you are stuck with after? Do you know you can download the full library of dope hip-hop beats all for a one time price that .. (Entertaining)

Hosting a Tea Party

 Ashley Moran (July 09, 2008)  Instead of a sleep-over, why not host a tea party for the little girl in your life. In a world that is filled with too little family time, this could be the perfect solution to spend time with your child as well as teach her how to be a gracious hostess. Not only is this a great idea for daughters, but also nieces, granddaughters, and godchildren. Map out the details before you engage .. (Entertaining)

How to Select the Right Entertainment to Ensure That Your Next Special Event Rocks

 Jon Cellauth (July 06, 2008)  Choosing the right kind of entertainment or combinations of entertainments for your event will pose a lot of amusing predicaments before you. If the budget is hefty the predicament grows as you are now presented with more choices. Should you hire a DJ to make the dance program a truly memorable one or should you arrange for poker games so that the guests enjoy every moment of wining and . (Entertaining)

A Real Garden Party

 Dawn Sandomeno (July 01, 2008)  Trying always to be cognizant of what goes into successful entertaining - I have become an observer and student of everything around me. This summer - at a time when fresh food is so abundant - I realized that it might take nothing more then plucking a ripe vegetable or herb from a garden to entertain in a memorable way. I define entertaining as any moment that one invites another to .. (Entertaining)

Being a Good Friend Use Your Good Manners

 Katherine C. H. E. (June 30, 2008)  Sometimes we save our best manners, our nicest behavior, for special events - like eating in nice restaurants or visits to grandma's. But what, really, is more important than our own families? Sometimes it may seem easier to let loose and drop the good manners at home. But, what message does that send to our children? When we model our best behavior even at home with our families, .. (Entertaining)

Simple Clown and Simple Fun

 Bryan Hornby (June 23, 2008)  In today's world of kids birthday parties, a lot of weight is put on the parents to go out of their way to make their party the most impressive party of the year. . . but who is this really for? Believe it or not, the hype of a huge party is usually something the parent has worked their child up to. If the parent has decided that a huge amazing birthday party is the way to go then this .. (Entertaining)

A Tip For Planning an Open House

 Andrew Barber (June 21, 2008)  Do It With Style You're not going to simply open your doors and let people meander around your home, are you? No. A perfectly arranged interior with tasteful surroundings is in order. Add some low music in the background, a few candles to provide a cozy scent in the air, and several places for beverages and snacks and you have the makings for a successful open house event. IF anyone .. (Entertaining)

Free Summer Fun

 Nathan Richardson (June 19, 2008)  But packing in as much fun as possible during those three months doesn't have to mean breaking the bank. In fact, there are plenty of free (or low cost) options for drumming up summer fun. Here are a few to check out. Free Admission to Museums This is a money-saving tip for all of you Bank of America card holders. It's called the Museums on Us program and it offers free admission into .. (Entertaining)

Ways to Use Glowsticks

 Jenna H (June 15, 2008)  I believe there are a lot of ways to use glowsticks. Several months ago my nephew trick or treated for Halloween and I glued a glowstick onto his outfit so that he would be easier to find and also for safety reasons. Since he dressed up as an extraterrestrial, he thought the glowing effect was pretty rad. There is a girl I know from work who would like to dance at a local rave and she .. (Entertaining)

Seven Great Things To Do In Your Garden

 Sylvia Kittens (May 22, 2008)  Summer's on its way and the days are getting warmer (not to mention longer!) so it's about time to get into your garden and make the most of it. These are some ideas for outside activities that the whole family can enjoy. Play football As any dad knows, you don't need a team to play football - just two or three people, a ball and some jumpers (or plant pots, or big rocks!). .. (Entertaining)

Marquee Hire - A Diverse Use Of The Same Space

 Sean Cravenplan (April 22, 2008)  When you are planning your party, remember that marquees are the perfect venue for a wide variety of parties. Imagine how beautiful your wedding reception could be with a fully dressed and styled marquee. While the fabric of marquees are intended to withstand the majority of weather conditions, you may like to purchase an optional awning for your marquee. The awning is essentially a .. (Entertaining)

You Can Never Be Too Safe Entertaining Friends and Family in the Kitchen Area

 Morris E. Brown (April 01, 2008)  Whether it is a weekday family diner or most special dinner party or event, it seems that in our day and age people gather in the kitchen area. This was not always so - not even in the most recent past. The kitchen used to be an area “reserved for the servants". It was not the place in a home or establishment that was considered a social area - an area to meet, greet and .. (Entertaining)

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