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Irish language toys – an education


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With more people speaking the official Irish language now than at any other time in the last 150 years, there is an increasing push to help introduce Irish to a much younger audience and one of the best ways is undoubtedly through the use of Irish language toys. By bringing in the fun factor it will inevitably make the learning process much more interesting to a young child and as a consequence, retain their attention and help pick up the key words and phrases much quicker.

There are many educational tools on the market place that can stimulate the minds of impressionable youngsters and allow them to pick up the language, whilst having real enjoyment at the same time. Irish language toys of all shapes and sizes are being developed, all very cleverly created to capture the imagination of a child showing an interest in the Irish language.

The soft toys are always going to be a favorite, but posters, books, flashcards, and stickers all help in the learning of the language in an amusing way, which really is the key to maintaining involvement of an age group whose attention span is limited. One of the most popular forms of teaching the Irish language via toys is with the educational jigsaw puzzles. There are some wonderful examples of these products that have a proven track record as genuinely bringing on a child's grasp of the language.

Made from quarter inch thick wood, these puzzles are bright, pictorial creations, that are available with either 12, 20 or 30 pieces, aimed at varying age groups and are attractively packaged in a vinyl zip bag, with a soft cloth handle, to catch the eye of the would be pupil. They each have a specific subject matter to concentrate on including topics such as: the farm, colours, numbers, the classroom, clothes or sea life.

Before you know it the youngster is able to count to ten in Irish, simply because they have managed to complete the puzzle several times over and numbers such as: a haon, a dȯ, a tri (one, two, three) and a hocht, a naoi, a deich (eight, nine, ten) become second nature to them. Similarly, a connection is made with the farm themed puzzle which has many common phrases and words associated with the animals that most kids have an affection for at an early age, such as: capall (horse), muc (pig), madra (dog) and sicín (chicken).

It is a wonderful advantage to be able to converse in a second language and the effect and benefits delivered by these almost magical jigsaws should never be underestimated. Some children lack confidence and might initially feel that the Irish language is too tough for them to pick up, but by introducing the added enjoyment of piecing together these puzzles, they gradually begin to find that the words start to flow. The more complicated parts of the language will come in time, such as accents on vowels to change the sound of a pronunciation, but for those starting from scratch, the Irish language toys are a tried, tested and now established form of entertaining education.

The Irish language is not so difficult to grasp when assisted by certain toys such as Irish jigsaw puzzles which can really speed up the learning process. See the different themed options at and witness the rapid improvement these fabulous toys bring.


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