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Scribblish Board Game


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When I was a kid we played a game called telephone, anyone remember that game? Well you sit in a circle and tell things in your neighbor’s ear and it gets passed around the circle. By the time your phrase gets passed back to you, it has been said so many different ways it is nothing like the phrase that you started with

And everyone in the circle has a good laugh when they hear the final phrase at least that's how we played. Now in the game called scribblish, it is similar to that childhood game of telephone, except that you are not whispering a phrase around a circle; you write captions and draw pictures.

You can play with four to six people, but I think the more people that play the more fun you will have. To play, everyone starts with a piece of paper and a scroll. Everyone takes a card, pick a caption and write it in your first caption spot. Then draw a picture to describe your caption, slide your paper up into a roll and someone rolls the die. Pass the scroll around as many times as the number on the die and unroll your scroll just until you see the picture. Then write your own caption for it.

Hide the caption and roll the die again, passing the scrolls around. Draw a picture for the caption you get, you keep doing this, alternating captions and drawings, until your paper is full. This is where things get to be hilarious, show the scrolls in the center of the table with only the last drawing shown. You go around the table, taking turns putting your mine token on the one you think was your original scroll.

Once everyone has had a chance to put down their token, anyone who was right can keep their token. Then you begin finding out that was right by going over the scrolls, seeing the changes of the captions and drawings . Put your funny token next to the drawing or caption you think is the funniest, and the person who said or drew your choice gets to keep that token.

The person with the most tokens wins. But tokens aren’t the point of this game. In fact, other than trying to see which scroll was your original one, I think they are fairly pointless. The idea here is to have fun and laugh at you and at others, enjoying the process. The premise of the game is why you play, and it’s easy to make a few house rules surrounding the main game operation.

I think at our house we’ve already decided to not have a winner for each round. One thing that we found made the game more fun is to play with children. As long as they’re old enough to read and draw, children add a real unpredictable element to the game, sometimes taking a scroll in a different direction than you’d expect. If everyone was of the same mind, game play would get pretty boring. So because of this, it’s great for families, or for groups of people who don’t know each other too well. It’s also great for multi-generational play in general, as long as everyone has a great sense of humor.

Put some fun back into your family game night this is a hiarious game


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