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Family Reunion Games - Fun Games For the Whole Family


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Organizing a family reunion can be a fun, yet exhausting proposition. There is the venue (where are you going to have it?), the food (you've got to try and please everyone) and then there's the games. Once you're all together, you'll chat for a while, but family reunion games are fun for everyone and help to break up the day. Some games to consider include relay races, guess who?, and family trivia.


There are several varieties of relay races out there. For example, sack races, three-legged races, and the water race.

For sack races, you'll need several large sacks (you can purchase them at your local party supply store) and family members! Designate start and finish lines and off you go!

The three-legged race is similar, only you use a rope to tie two family member's legs together.

For the water race, you'll need tablespoons, a couple cups with lines drawn on them and a bucket of water. Set the cup up on the opposite end of the field. Divide family members up into teams. The first member dips the spoon into the bucket of water and then races over to the cup and dumps any water remaining on the spoon into the cup. Then, they race back and hand the spoon to the next person. The first team to fill their cup with water, wins!

Relay races are great family reunion games sure to leave a smile on everyone's face!


This game requires a little pre-family reunion prep. You'll need to request that each family member send in a picture or two of themselves in their younger days. Once you receive the pictures, place a number on the back, and then record who the family member is on a separate piece of paper (along with the corresponding number). At the reunion, pass out pieces of papers with numbers on them. Pass around the pictures and have everyone guess who is who. You may want to offer prizes both for the winner and the loser. This family reunion game not only tests people's ability to recognize their extended family members, but it also brings up all sort of fond memories of the good old days!


Again, this game requires some pre-planning. Much like the Guess Who game, you'll need to ask each family member for a piece of trivia that you think no one else in the family would know. For example, if you were Little Red Riding Hood in the school play in 1st grade, you might send in, “I made my onstage debut at the age of 7. " not only will you learn a lot about the entire extended family, you will have a good laugh or two in the process!

These are but a few of the family reunion games you can plan. Regardless of how many you play, be sure to enjoy your family during the time you're able to spend with them!

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