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Frozen Novelty Treats How to Cool Off Your Taste Buds in the Summer


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You can certainly go down to your local dairy bar and get the latest flavor of frozen novelty treats if you want to cool off this summer. On the other hand, you would be missing out on all the fun of making your own yummy desserts if you do. There is no reason to settle for store bought cookie cutter treats when you can make your own delicious confections right at home.

If you buy a traditional ice cream maker, you can make up your own flavors as you go along. You do not have to wait for some food researcher in a white coat to come up with the dessert of the year. You can invent any flavor that you like. If peaches sound good with coconut, you can add them in with your favorite ice cream custard recipe. Let the electric motor churn away as you add rock salt and ice to make the most original frozen novelty treats you have ever eaten. If you prefer, you can go all the way and use a hand crank for that touch of nostalgia that will have you feeling sentimental for the good old days.

To go a little more modern, you can get a frozen yogurt and sorbet maker. You can try all the recipes that come with the appliance. Then, it is off on your own to experiment with your own variations. No matter what the fruit, you can try to make a sorbet from it. The sky is the limit with frozen yogurt flavors. You have just as much leeway to come up with your own concoctions as you do with an ice cream maker. These machines are fully automatic, with large spouts to add ingredients easily. You will find working with them is a breeze.

A slushee machine can add fun to your summer days. Just set it up on the patio where everyone comes out from the yard and the pool. You can serve slushee drinks of all flavors. For really hot days, bring out the snow cone machine. Kids will love getting those cups of ice flavored with sweet, fruity syrup. You can even change the syrup recipe to make it healthier by adding juices to the mix.

Adults can get their frozen novelty treats from a margarita machine if they are so inclined. Frozen margaritas make a summer party come to life. They tingle the taste buds and chill away the heat from the day. Your guests will appreciate the effort and the experience.

Frozen novelty treats are much less expensive when you make them yourself. For example, a margarita at a bar would be several dollars, but one you make yourself would cost less than half as much. For the price of two dairy bar ice cream treats, you could make a whole batch of delicious homemade ice cream. Slushee drinks and snow cones made at home cost just pennies.

If you want to be ready for this kind of excitement during the summer, order some equipment to make frozen novelty treats. Whether you get an ice cream maker, a slushee machine, or a margarita maker, you will enjoy the hot weather more if you can find this small escape from the heat.

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