Lift Chair-Need a Lift Getting Up? Who Doesn't? Maybe a Lift Chair Is The Answer


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Lift chair-is it getting difficult for you to get up after sitting in your favorite chair? If so, maybe you should consider purchasing a lift chair. Lift chairs are normal recliner looking chairs with an electrically powered motor and mechanism to push the entire chair up from its base. They can be seen at: This gets your's (and mine) worn out bodies into a standing position much easier, and of course sitting down also.

Normally, those afflicted by Parkinson's disease, Arthritis, Lou Gehrig's disease, accident victims, persons with hip and knee weaknesses, surgeries or those affected by muscular weakness, such as the elderly. . . find lift chairs extremely useful and helpful. For some, it gets to a point where these chairs become an absolute necessity. But, there are other uses also. Lift chairs prove to be useful for caregivers such as in hosptials, nursing homes, etc. It helps them not have to lift their patients as much. Instead, the automatic lifting mechanism helps their patients in and out of their chairs.

In many ways, as you get older, a lift chair can help you mantain a more normal, functional life. Consider one if you find yourself not doing as much as you'd like because of mobility problems.

There are different types of lift chairs. There are two position, three position, infinite positions, heavy-duty, and bariatric types.

*With a two recline position chair, you normally get a straight and a television type recline.

*With a three-position lift chair, you'll get positions for straight, TV recline, and full recline.

*Infinite position chairs, as the name suggests, offer unlimited positions from straight up to sleep recline. You can practically stand up straight or lie down flat.

On almost all the different types of models, the controls are through buttons on a remote control. The same basic type you use for your tv. Depending on the model, some remotes are cordless, others are not. The different makes of lift chairs come in different fabrics. You'll want to choose the fabric you'll be most comfortable with. Do you have skin allergies? Is there a chance you'll spill alot of liquids? These are the type of questions you'll want to ask yourself when picking the fabric type.

Comfort is always a necessity. Remember, you could be spending the better part of your day (and for some, nights) in these chairs. Durability of the lift chairs is another major deciding factor. For instance Golden Technologies lift chairs are known for their quality and durability. However, when shopping be sure to check the manufacturers warranty.

*Some lift chairs will have a soft back support, while some will support a firm back. Remember too, lift chairs come in many different sizes and heights. So check on the recommended height range (if there is one) for that particular chair.

As the baby boomer generation gets near retirement age, you'll probably be seeing many more lift chairs in homes across the country.

Owner of Mr. Rougeaux has written numerous articles about wheelchairs, mobility scooters, adjustable beds, mobility equipment and assistive living. Their lift chairs can be seen at: Golden Technologies Lift Chair


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