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Understanding your options for elderly care

Julie Lord

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For many, the only option they believe is available for their elderly care is a residential care home. Residential care homes definitely have pros and cons, and could be the right answer for some. However, the increasingly elderly population are becoming more receptive to the option of a live-in carer.

Indeed, a residential care home may be the best solution, but an alternative to a residential care home to consider is live-in care. This is a type of elderly care that means you would be able to continue to live in your home whilst receiving the best quality assistance and care.

How does it work

Home care services are run by extremely reputable companies that match exceptionally trained and caring people with residents that require assistance with tasks such as preparing meals, getting dressed, cleaning their home and washing themselves. A live-in carer is able to provide care and assistance to elderly people with taking their medicines, and getting out and able to do shopping or visit friends.

What are the benefits?

Staying in their home, and remaining in a familiar place will provide elderly people with a sense of security and comfort that can help their mental health as well as their physical health. For an elderly person, keeping their home means keeping their independence, and live-in carers are fast becoming a desirable alternative for ourselves, and those of us with elderly relatives. There are huge benefits to remaining at home for elderly people – staying in a well-known and well-loved area, being close to family and friends, and being able to carry on meeting socially with groups. Elderly people that have lived in their homes for many years will have filled it with happy memories that they do not wish to lose by selling their home. Many elderly people will have taken care of their gardens, and some will have beloved pets that they can’t take with them into a residential care home.

Clients who choose to employ a live-in carer will find that they benefit from receiving one-on-one care in the familiarity and reassurance of their own home. This could be a mutter better option that a residential care home, particularly for elderly people that suffer from mental health conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease.

A level of care to suit you

The quality of live-in care means that it can be tailored specifically to the client, rather than the general all-round care received by those in residential care homes. This leads to the carer and the elderly person developing a close relationship, and can lead to the carer being able to anticipate the needs of the client. Living in close proximity means that the carer is able to prevent ‘old-age’ incidents such as trips and falls, and the elderly person will not be alone for long periods of time. Whilst the facilities offered by residential care home are perfectly acceptable with many residents, the personalised care that comes from having a home care services could have enormous benefits in the long run for the elderly person.


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