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Consider a situation when you are taking a bath and suddenly you feel congestion in your heart, and are about to collapse. Or you suffer from epileptic fits, and are on your way to the market when you sense one is coming. In such life-threatening situations, the patients and their family members remain tense every moment and are therefore nagged by a feeling of insecurity that takes away their peace of mind, making it hard to focus on daily life. This demoralizing situation becomes worse with every passing day. This is where the Medical Alert Alarms come to your rescue, to restore your confidence and the feeling of security.

Medical Alert Alarms are devices worn on your body, usually in the form of bracelets or necklace-pendants. These pendants contain buttons that are electronic transmitting devices. The moment these buttons or electronic devices are pressed, they release an alarm through the activation of some radio frequencies or telephone lines.

Suppose a patient is alone in a bathroom and feels suffocated. He can simply press the panic button and the monitoring agency alerts his family members or the medical agency so crucial help can arrive within seconds or minutes. The monitoring agency, of course, possesses the medical data of the patient.

The Medical Alert Alarms are also fitted with a dial-up telephone connection. It has a very loud speaker, and supersensitive microphone. The monitoring agency listens to what the patient has to say and then calls the patient’s friends, family members and doctors. It is basically a communication system that uses the telephone to contact the monitoring agency, which in turn informs the medical agency and also the family members of the patient.

There are some other Medical Alert Alarm systems available on the market. A transmitter button or switch can be fitted in your pillow, which can activate just with the pressure of your head and thus call the crucial help. Buttons of similar type can be fitted in your bed, and easily pressed when necessary.

These Medical Alert Alarms are useful for healthy persons also. Any person confronted with an unexpected situation can use them to summon help. The alerts reduce the anxiety levels of the patients and their family members. They eliminate dependence upon others, and boost the confidence of the wearers and instill crucial feelings of security and independence. And they are very easy to use.

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