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Things You Ought to Look For When You Are Trying to Write a Sample Eulogy For an Aunt

Margaret Marquisi

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Naturally enough, writing a sample eulogy for an aunt is one of the best things you could do before you actually read a finished piece of literature in front of friends and loved ones who are attending the lady's funeral. You have to at least make sure that the eulogy will be honest, heart-felt, and dignified suitably to fit the occasion. Despite the popular portrayal that a eulogy should be “dramatic, " this does not need to be the case. There should be a distinctive borderline as to where emotions should run and where decorous speech should come in.

If you are tasked to write something like this for an aunt whom you are especially fond of (or your aunt is especially fond of you, ) this task would be a lot easier. You need only to find some anecdotes of her life (or yours) that can make the words flow out a bit easier. On the other hand, if you are totally at loss as what to say or how to even put thoughts into words, then it would be best to look through one (or more) sample eulogy for an aunt via the World Wide Web. A sample eulogy should be able to give you a definitive start on your writing, but it should not be your end-all “product. " You need to be able to conform this to your aunt's life, to yours (and your family), and to almost everyone else present during the eulogy reading. Here are some tips as to what to look for in a sample eulogy for an aunt.

1. Look for positive introductions. This is actually very important, and very often overlooked. Try to sort through several opening statements for eulogies, if you can. This is a way of calling attention to the fact that you are about to say something that a number of people will forever remember or forget. A curt “Good day, " or “Good afternoon, " is definitely not the place to begin. Some people start off with an appropriate anecdote; and you can do so if you can remember one distinctive memory of your aunt that is either: shared by others, or one that is so very personal and private between the two of you only. This is a way of “catching" everyone's attention, and hopefully keeping that attention on you until they have heard everything you have to say.

Very often too, once you have an introduction worked out, the rest of the eulogy becomes easier to write.

2. Look for more creative endings. “We will definitely miss Aunt X. " This is the most generic statement you could possibly find, which is indubitably quite forgettable. This is due simply to the fact that it is either too obvious or too flat when it comes to emotions. You do not need a whooping punch line to end your eulogy. You would however, need something more than the standard, “You will be missed. " Try to focus on what anecdotes you have previously mentioned in the body of your eulogy and tie those up in your concluding statements.

For example, if you have written something about how your aunt will soothe your fears (or anxiety or whatever) as a child by baking you a large batch of cookies, then you could say something (to the effect of) “I will treasure forever those memories when Aunt X was in the kitchen, offering me solace with cookies, milk and her endearing presence. "

The more personal the memory is, the more likelihood that people will associate the memories with themselves. This will make your eulogy for your aunt more memorable to everyone.

Margaret Marquisi is a retired writer and fulltime grandmother. To learn more about sample eulogy for an aunt or stellar sample eulogies , visit her website.


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