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What Are the Things You Could Learn From Studying a Sample Eulogy For a Father

Margaret Marquisi

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Some people may claim that writing a eulogy for a father can be quite a trial. This is true in more ways than one. However, the difficulty does not lie on the fact that there is little to write about the man. Rather, because there is too many things that should be written down, and you do not know how to start. This is why it is important to study a sample eulogy for a father before you start. One thing you have to remember (which many people make the mistake of doing) is that a eulogy is not synonymous to a biography. With so many (or so little) details about your father coming together, some people are simply inclined to write about his date of birth, the date he was married, how many children he had, how many relative he had. . .

That may be useful information later on, but if you do study a sample eulogy for a father, you will notice that this information is omitted, or barely discussed. This does not mean that the information is inappropriate; it just means that with the limited time you have, (4 to 8 minutes is the norm for a eulogy, but less would be greatly appreciated) you need to steer your “audience" into something more worthy of the man. Here then, are some things you should look for when you are studying a sample eulogy for a father.

1. What is the theme of the eulogy? Try to take note as to where the entire literary piece is focusing on. It can focus on the man's personality (i. e. “He was a quiet but persevering man;" or “He was a man who enjoyed nothing more than a good laugh. ") It can focus on the man's special talent (i. e. “He could make any car purr like a cat;" or “He could make his wife smile even in the most critical times. ) It can focus on the man's life achievements (i. e. He had been a boat builder all his life, and he was especially proud of his creations;" or “He had dedicated his life to serving the elderly people in the home by proving them free entertainment. "

Whatever the case may be, it is important to focus on one theme only. A father's life can be a complicated one; but if you can present one facet of that life through the eulogy, then it will give people a chance to “rediscover" a side of the man that they may have never known. This is actually one of the best things to note in any sample eulogy for a father. This is the very theme that makes the eulogy unique; which can later be interpreted as the father being unique in his own way as well.

2. Once you have your theme, it is important to write down “materials" for your claim. It is easy enough to add anecdotes or favorite catch phrases of your father during the course of your writing, but you need to choose which ones work best, and which ones would be best suited for a written biography of the man. Remember, you are working in a limited time here, and your “audience" will only be able to remember some of the more noteworthy anecdotes. Working within your theme will make it easier for you to present a more unified “view" of your father.

Margaret Marquisi is a retired writer and fulltime grandmother. To learn more about writing a eulogy for a father or a sample eulogy for a father , visit her website.


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