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Coping With Loss


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Make sure that you take some time for yourself while you are experiencing your loss. It is perfectly acceptable to stop the world for a time and get off. No one should expect you to continue on as though nothing has happened. There will be things that you need to take care of like taking care of children and yourself physically, but the extra things that you normally do can be put off for a while.

While you are experiencing a loss it is a good idea to avoid making any major decisions. There are things that can be put off until you are in a better frame of mine. Don't make career decisions or even purchase anything major until your thinking is clear. During a loss your thinking may become muddled and a major purchase may be regretted later.

Talk about your feelings. If you have some close friends or family that are willing to give you a shoulder to cry on, take advantage of that. It can help you to let those pent up feelings out. You will not begin to heal as long as you keep your feelings bottled up inside. If there is no one in your life that can listen, seek out the attention of a professional counselor. If you feel that you have fallen into a depression there are many depression treatments that are available and can help you to cope.

Don't feel guilty about moving on with your life. You are not dishonoring the memory of your loved one if you enjoy your life. It is normal for someone to feel guilty about moving on when they have experienced a profound loss. A therapist who is experienced dealing with mood disorders and depression treatments can help if you are finding it difficult to move forward. There will always be times in your life when you are overwhelmed with the memories of the person that you lost, but learning how to cope with those memories will allow you to look back fondly instead of in pain.

For more free resources, visit Julia Sorensen is the author of “Overcoming Loss Stories and Activities to Help Children Transform Grief and Loss" Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers


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Why Crying is Coping and Why You Should Cry If You Can
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