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We Will Meet Again

Kelly Ballard

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Recently several clients and some dear friends have come to me struggling with the deaths of loved ones. Death is often a topic each of us would like to avoid - like a dirty, little secret that if we just ignore it long enough, maybe it will go away. However it doesn't. . . It just waits for each of us.

I have an easy relationship with death. I believe in a Christian model, however, I also believe we come back over and over. Each of us has certain work to do in our lifetime along with the free choice to realize that work or not. I believe most of the people involved in my life today, I have been with before in previous lives.

A few years ago my step-sister died. She died horribly - alone. At first there were hints of a suicide and that is what distressed me. I was worried her soul was lost and wandering - not knowing the grace that was available to her. I learned of her death on a Sunday night and that Monday I had already planned to visit a mentor to train on Mediumship.

So the next day I went to my mentor very upset - worried that somehow Nicky was lost. We set the space and called Nicky to us. Immediately she came and she was so sad, but her first words were about suicide. It was not a suicide, but a mistake - she just wanted to feel better with a little more drugs. That was Nicky. After she made the “no suicide message" clear, you could feel her sadness and she taught me about free will.

She had said in this life she thought she could do it - beat the addictions, but she couldn't. She spoke of the love that was in her life always (family and friends) but that she never accepted while she was alive. She helped me to understand each of us has choices. Nicky chose drugs over and over - she couldn't help herself and that is when I found peace.

I understood each of us has our own “cross to bear. " Nicky didn't choose the drugs because of any one person. No, this was her life, her choices and I could love her still. I remembered her as a child and making friends with everyone - she accepted each person as beautiful and interesting. This probably led to problems as an adult, but I know the very essence of Nicky's soul is love - not perfect, but love all the same.

When we closed the session that day, I knew Nicky would be ok. I believed in her - her soul. I know her beauty and kindness will come back again and we will meet again. Maybe not in this lifetime, but I know she is never lost from me. She speaks with angels now, across the thin veil - healing her wounded places and biding her time until she comes back again.

Kelly Ballard is a workshop leader, Intuitive Guide and Healer. Through workshops, private sessions and guided meditations Kelly specializes in helping others discover positive solutions for immediate change/growth in their lives thus drawing their most abundant life into reality. Find out more information about her services and meditation CDs at Contact her directly at 720-984-4232 or email She lives in Boulder, CO.


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