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Baby’s First Scrapbook Ideas


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Giving birth to a baby is one of the most magic and beautiful moments for moms, it’s so hard to hold on to all memories that you want to remember about the baby, but most of which can easily be recorded in a scrapbook. And baby scrapbooking ideas are the easiest pages to make for you need no inspiration, it is present in the photos you arrange on the page. Here you will get baby scrapbooking ideas which will inspire you on how to preserve, from the moment they are born, every little and big things they do, which will make those special and important first moments unforgettable for ages to come as your baby grows up. There are so many scrapbooking ideas that you can use for your baby scrapbook that can help you to preserve the magical memory of the birth and growth of your baby.

Birth of Baby

A page about your baby’s birth experience would be to write a story about the details of the event. This page does not only need a photo of baby on it, but also you could hand write it or type it and print it on special paper. So, make this scrapbook page a top priority. You will truly treasure having a writing account of your birthing experience, the photos of hospital, the time of birth, the description of doctor, the baby’s birth weight, note and include your very first impression of baby.

Taking a Bath

A baby first bath scrapbook page makes a great addition to your memory scrapbook. What do you consider to be your baby's first bath? You may consider it to be when the nurse cleaned baby off when she was born, or you were home and gave your baby her first bath. You should take photos of baby's reaction to the bath. Of course, the date and baby's age should be included when she had her first bath.


It’s momentous when you capture baby’s smile creep across her face the first time. You may feel excited, no matter what unhappy things happen on you, just seeing that smile is enough to change your entire mood. It's always a good idea to have a camera on hand when you have baby around, for you never know when a precious moment will arise that you will want to capture. A baby officially smiles when they are reacting to an external event, this time you need to record this sweet and pretty smile, meanwhile, you should write down what caused baby to smile and describe how you felt when seeing your baby’s smile for the first time. When you scrapbooking, highlight the best photo of baby smiling by making it bigger than the other photos of baby.


Another baby scrapbook idea is to record the crawling of baby’s first time. It is a natural skill most babies automatically master. It's also a key period when your baby becomes stronger, learning the surroundings, improving visual skills and physical abilities. Write down the details of crawling and record the baby’s joy of moving.

With this scrapbooking software , something can be so easy. I’d like to share scrapbooking ideas with you, whoever you are, wherever you are from. My greatest pleasure is your creative ideas inspired by my article. And I will offer some advice on techniques to help you do your work better.


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3 Ways to Come Up With Scrapbook Ideas
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