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Printable Writing Paper


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Printable writing paper is the new rave in many places and it is spreading fast. Teachers, parents and crafters alike are asking, “Why use plain white paper when you can jazz it up a bit with color and pictures?" This puts a new twist on an old story and everyone can benefit from it, and best of all, it is quick, easy and relatively inexpensive. Here are just a few of the ways that you can use this wonderful idea in your own home.

  • Teach Home Schooled Children
  • Extra Practice at Home
  • Special Letters
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Gifts
  • Phone Messages and Grocery Lists

    Every parent can benefit by these simple to use templates. They can help get their child excited about learning to write. Some templates mimic the older versions of wide lined paper that younger children use to learn their letters. All parents have to do is just print them off with your child's favorite characters on them, write a sample alphabet letter or word, and let them practice! What child wouldn't get excited about writing when they have their friends right there on the paper?

    A more crafty approach to using printable writing paper is to use them for arts, crafts and memorabilia. Children can show their progress in a bound notebook by writing letters, their name and stories on the colorful paper. Parents and Grandparents can have a keepsake that grows with the child. You can also use them to supplement scrapbooking pages by using the paper to write dates, occasions and little stories about what is happening in the pictures that follow.

    Grocery lists and phone message pads are another great use for the templates. They look nice and and can be found to match just about any style and color you are going for. You can stay organized and have a useful decoration too.

    They are not only for children however. Printable writing paper can be found with normal line spacing as well. In today's fast past electronic world the written letter is becoming a thing of the past. Now you can write a letter to someone special with a little flair. Templates are available with flowers, beautiful borders, hearts and anything else you can think of that will make your written letter just a little more special. Framing a love letter and giving it to your significant other on Valentine's Day.

    Whether you use the paper for teaching, learning, personal letters, decoration or crafts it is up to you. Printable writing paper is available on the internet from many sites. All you have to do is search, pick your favorite style, print and go. In just moments you can perk up any project, letter or room.

    Gary Pearson is an accomplished niche website developer and author.

    To learn more about printable writing paper , please visit Paper Crafts Now for current articles and discussions.

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