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Getting Fired Up With Electric Kilns


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With the right clay bodies, glaze and a kiln for firing, you can create pottery masterpieces of your own. Electric kilns are a modern way to make all types of pottery using various glazes and different temperatures. There are various kiln models for all kinds of creative endeavors with clay.

Electric kilns can be square, rectangular or round. Choose a model with superior insulation, strong and long-lasting elements, quality components, reversible slabs to extend the kiln's life, premium refractory fire brick and a modular design. Accessories for electric kilns include venting systems, firing control and temperature equipment, supports, furniture and replacement elements.

Electric kilns are available in different sizes and efficiencies based on your artistic needs. Professional kilns have a larger capacity and are often front-loading. There are also top-loading kilns suitable for all different firing temperatures. Fine art kilns are used to decorate glass, pain china and enamel metal. Special vents improve air flow inside the kiln to keep the firing area free of gases. Separate shelves can be purchased and used in kilns for cone 10 refractory work and cone 13 silicon carbide projects. Metal enameling kilns are used for glaze testing and firing small pottery pieces.

Cone 10 glazes are used for high fired clay pieces. There are a variety of cone 10 glazes used to produce unusual, one-of-a-kind effects. Some are bright pastel glazes to create colorful stoneware. Other glazes can be used to fire in reduction and oxidation to match stoneware and porcelain bodies. There are also texturizers to produce an orange/yellow texture with a crystal appearance.

On the other end of the spectrum, electric kilns can also be used for low firing with mediums such as earthenware clay. Formulated from several clays for texture and plasticity, earthenware clay resembles stoneware. Although low fire glaze works well on earthenware clay, hire fire glazes can also be used to achieve attractive results. Certain glazes can be used on earthenware clay to simulate the look of stoneware.

Earthenware clay is also very versatile. You can use this type of clay for wheel throwing, hand building, extrusions, slab work and sculpture. With a fine grit, it is a stronger clay body which makes it easier to throw bigger pieces.

A typical aspect associated with earthenware clay is the rich, reddish clay color. For over 9,000 years people have been making and using earthenware. Various traditional styles with earthenware include terra cotta, Mexican pottery and Japanese raku. Plain earthenware is porous, such as a terra cotta planter. Earthenware can also be glazed to create beautiful, waterproof dinnerware and artwork. Because earthenware clay is more forgiving than fine clay or ceramic clay, many beginners start out using this medium.

AMACO makes top quality electric kilns for use in schools, studios and homes. From making your own earthenware clay pieces to experimenting with cone 10 glazes , AMACO offers all the supplies you need to get creative with clay.


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