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The Many Types and Use of Glass Mosaic Tile


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You will hardly find anybody on this earth who will not like to make their house look beautiful and elegant. Mosaic tiles are amongst the best options to decorating your flooring and it is classy and durable at the same time. There are various types and they come in different colors and textures and you can select the style according to your preferences.

They use quite a number of materials like glass, stones and ceramic to prepare these mosaic tiles. The appearance changes as the material differs. One of the most popular options is the one that is made of vitreous glass, which looks like glass, but the longevity is better.

Types of Mosaic Tiles

There are different types like iridescent mosaic tiles, metallic, mini, swirled and vitreous. The upper portion of all the mosaic tiles are flat but the back is often imprinted with minute crinkles that aid secured bonding with glue.

You can use them to make the indoor flooring as well as the floor covering for outside. The iridescent mosaic tiles come in sheet, which contains around 36 tiles of the size 15mm x 15mm. These tiles can be available in different qualities among which the Italian ones with a shiny opalescence finish.

Metallic mosaic tiles are the ones that come with the tiny metallic crumbles churned all over the glass base. You need to soak these tiles in water before fixing them on the floor. You can buy the vitreous glass tiles in sacks, which contain around 200 tiles. The price of these tiles is quite reasonable and perfect for the first time users with a limited budget.

The mosaic tiles made of swirled glass are popular for their splendid look as they are textured with high quality stained glass. There are other types like the assorted tiles, mini glass tiles etc.

How to Fix Mosaic Tiles?

Always choose the shades and patterns keeping in mind the space and size of the place you are planning to cover with mosaic tiles. If you have a special design in mind then draw it on a paper and show it to the manufacturer as these tiles can be custom made. They are then fixed on the floor with glue.

This is a great idea to lay the tiles before gluing them and understand how they are going to appear after you finally fix them. In order to get a stunning finish and sheen you can apply grout on them and leave it for sometime so that it dries out and become adequately firm and durable.

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