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What is Gold Detecting?


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What is a gold detecting? Basically, it is the hunt for gold. Of course, this term is very broad and covers many different types of gold and methods of searching. It can mean anything from mining to trying to recover lost gold at sea to scouring the local playground for lost items. As a would be gold hunter, you have to narrow down the field to what it is that you intend to do and where it is that you plan to hunt. Before you buy any equipment, there are a few very basic things that you will have to do prior to heading out.

One thing that will be of benefit is to read metal detector reviews. Reading reviews will give you an idea about what you will need to find gold in the region where you plan to search and can provide you with invaluable information about the various detectors. These reviews can also provide you with tricks and tips that will help you make the best use of the detector. You will be able to read about what kind of machines are the simplest to operate and which ones are recommended for the beginner. Additionally, you can gain insight into the type of equipment available and which detectors are best suited to the region and type of hunting that you want to do.

Knowing the kind of gold that you want to find is a good place to start. Prospecting and gold detecting are not necessarily the same thing, and you have to know the difference if you want to be successful. Prospecting is the search for gold flakes and nuggets. This kind of venture will most often place you out in a wilderness location. You may be in the desert, the woods or the mountains. You are going to be exploring areas to find “new gold”. New gold is gold that has not been processed in any way. It is gold that is still in its natural state.

Searching or detecting for lost gold is trying to find items that are made from gold that have been lost. This is gold that will often have you looking in areas where many people frequent. You are going to be hunting for gold that has been processed and shaped. You may be looking for coins, and/or jewellery.

Looking for gold can be very profitable and fun. However, if you are new to the hobby, you're going to need to learn about the equipment, and the products that you will need to ensure that you are going to be rewarded for your efforts. There are hundreds of detectors on the market, and each one has different abilities. There are detectors that are specially made to hunt in the desert and others that are capable of operating in the water. Each detector has a range or depth limit. Some detectors can locate extremely small flakes that are a foot underground while others may only be able to locate gold at a few inches below the surface.

Prior to buying any expensive piece of gold detecting equipment take the time to read some metal detector reviews. An accurate gold detecting description of the region and the type of gold that you want to hunt for will be the key to buying the ideal detector.


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