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Radio Controlled Boats - Understanding the Vast Selection


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Radio controlled boats often offer a sense of peace, relaxation and enjoyment. Purchasing the best one for the individual will help maximize these benefits and rewards. As a result, it is very important to learn about the distinctions and nuances between the various available types, how they operate and what they can accomplish. Understanding all three will give you more playing time and save you money in the long run.

To start with, there are three basic versions: those which are electric, those powered by gas and the nitro versions. Many consumers believe the best models are those which are electric. Electric radio controlled vessels are easy to operate and therefore very popular. They are also some of the least expensive models to own. Still, this needs to be weighed against the fact that these types of boats will get slower as the batteries lose power.

Nitro vessels are powered by nitro-methane fuel and cost a medium price with up to thirty minutes or more of run time on a full tank of fuel. Car gas mixed with oil is used to fuel gas ones and these boats can attain the highest speeds and often run for some of the longer periods of time. The speed of electric models is typically between fifteen and twenty miles per hour, while the nitro and gas models can cruise thirty to thirty-five and forty to forty-five miles per hour, respectively.

Many enthusiasts are also very interested in knowing how long these types of vehicles will last out on the water. Electric boats may only run for ten to fifteen minutes at a time. It is important to note that this depends heavily upon the battery pack being used, as well as the size. Gas and nitro powered types can run for longer periods of time and when they run out of steam, they simply need to be refueled for extended use.

They are maneuvered by their rudder and propeller system. Because of seaweed and debris entanglement issues, it is advised to use them only in water that is clear and clean. Depending on a system's hull design, water conditions may be favorable or unfavorable. For example, those with a ‘Deep V’ or mono hull are best suited for choppy water. Many consumers also consider them easy to operate and control. Hull designs which are catamaran and hydroplane are better suited for more advanced hobbyists and are designed for use in calm waters.

When such devices are purchased, most will have everything they need to operate already packaged in the box. Still, there are certain accessories which may need to be purchased separately and are not considered a part of the vessel itself. These items may include fuel, start packs, batteries and chargers. However, it is the boats themselves which are assembled and ready for use after these additional implements are involved. When it comes to accessories, many for purchase are in need of two six cell 7.2 volt battery packs, as well as a charger. It is the nitro boats which would require fuel and a start kit, while gas ones would additionally need auto fuel to operate.

Some of the most popular radio controlled boat brands include CEN, Megatech, Nikko and Traxxas, although there are many others available on the open market. Often, consumers base their purchase on the look and style they most desire, since many of these brands models are comparable in terms of price and value or worth. One thing is for sure, you will have fun whichever brand you choose. These systems offer high impact fun for low impact pricing.

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