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Creating a Viewing Room For Collectibles

Victor Epand

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All avid and seasoned collectors who are serious about their collectibles will ultimately create a viewing room to showcase and protect their valuable possessions. These viewing rooms are a

means to present collectibles to families, friends, and in some cases clients. They are a means to showcase the fruits of your labor.

There are many things that a collector should consider when thinking about creating a viewing room for their collectibles. First, where will you locate your viewing room. If your viewing room is going to be in a public location which will allow individuals to view your collectibles at their leisure, you will want to assume security when installing such a viewing room. If you are not going to be there, or have an employee there when the items will be viewed, then you will want to design a viewing room that features unbreakable glass and locks. If the items are of very high value, even if they are insured, you may wish to invest in laser security or another means of security to protect these valuables.

If your viewing room will be located in your home, you should pick a room that has no windows or only a few. This way you can control the amount of light that enters the room. Sunlight can decrease the value of certain collectibles if they sit in the sun and lose color after a good deal of exposure. Also, a room without windows will make it harder for a potential security risk to break in and take your valuables.

At home viewing rooms can be designed in many ways. The method which you choose will be based on what items you are wishing to put out for view. Some collectors simply build shelves and purchase cheap tables to line the room. They will then place the collectibles out in the open. Other collectors will purchase or build glass viewing cases to present their collectibles.

A good majority of collectors prefer to place their collectibles in glass cases that they can lock. Not only for security, but also to protect the collectibles from dust. If you have open shelves on which you store your collectibles you may find that you are dusting them every other day. When doing so you run more of chance of damaging an item in your collection. collectibles stored in glass cases carry less dust.

Another factor to consider when creating a viewing room for collectibles is who will have access to it. If your viewing room is located in your home and you have children, it is recommended that you keep the room locked at all times, unless you are present in this room. This will keep curious children from exploring and possibly damaging your collectibles. In all cases the room should stay locked anyways. This will let people know that the items contained within are of value and should not be messed with in any way.

Most individuals who do have a viewing room located in their home for their collectibles are sure to have their collection insured, and will also install home security in order to protect their investments when they are not at home.

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