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Aluminum Can Crafts - Interesting Craft Ideas


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Kids love crafts, and aluminum cans are a perfect craft base because they are in abundance. The aluminum makes them sturdy and sometimes waterproof (depending on what is put over them).

Free Aluminum Can Crafts - Ghostie

For this project you will need to gather an aluminum pop can, clear acrylic spray, white and black paint, fishing line, paint brush, masking tape and scissors. Before you begin, remove the tab from the top of the can. The can will need to be crushed in a certain way, so it might be a good idea to have some extra cans around in case the originals don't get crushed the way you'd like them to. For the silhouette of the ghostie, crush the top part of the can in one direction, opposite the bottom portion. If sharp edges remain, these should be smoothed over with masking tape. Depending on the type of paint you're using and the colors in the crushed can, it may take several coats to cover the can so it appears simply white.

The black paint is now used to create the mouth and eyes. The opening of the can, where the tab was pulled, should be used as the mouth, and eyes can be hand painted above that opening. Wiggle eyes can be used, but it's best to glue these on once the whole project has been sealed. Allow the paint to dry, and then use one more dot of white inside the black eyes. You can then create a 3-d effect with the eyes to allow the white dots to dry then add two more black dots. This makes it look like an pupil and gives it a little more interesting detail. Seal the ghost with acrylic spray using as many coats as you wish. Attach the fishing line to the back of the ghostie then hang it from a window or doorway!

Free Aluminum Can Crafts - Christmas Tree

You'll need 27 emptied and rinsed aluminum cans, Christmas tree lights (one or two strands), spray paint, a hot glue gun, a foam core board or piece of plywood, and duct tape. Arrange the cans by creating a trunk of three cans in two rows, glued together with hot glue. On top of this, six cans are glued together and lay on top of the “trunk. " On top of the six row (or first layer), create a five can “branch, " then four, then so on, until you have one on the top, so it resembles a Christmas tree. Spray paint the tree whatever color you'd like, secure the lights with duct tape, pushing the lights between the cans. Glue your tree on to the piece of plywood if it is to be hung outside, or use the foam core for indoor use. Try using stickers as ornaments, and even a tree topper!

Free Aluminum Can Crafts - Cow

Items for this project include white, black and pink paint, white felt, wiggly eyes, an aluminum can (crushed) and acrylic spray paint. Crush the can so the head of the cow (top of the can) is crushed above the bottom portion. If there are jagged edges in the tab (which needs to be pulled out), soften with masking tape. Paint completely with white paint, allow to dry. Pain black cow spots on the can (they resemble clouds), and a pink nose on the tab portion of the can. Attach white (or black) felt triangles to the back of the cow's head. Seal with acrylic spray and when this process is complete, glue on wiggly eyes. Instant cow! Following these simple directions and with minor adjustments, you can make an entire barnyard!

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