How to Sew a Sash - 9 Steps to Making Fabric Flowers and Yo-Yos

Jini Pinto

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Do you know how to sew a sash?Do you know how to sew a sash and embellish it? Embellishing your sash or fabric jewelry pouch is easy. This project is simple and easy learn to sew project.

How to decorate a sash with Yo - Yos?

Yo Yo is a great way of decorating your fabric and if done at home you can get the right match for your sash, ribbon headbad, fabric pouch, tote bag or even your tea cozy. You can teach small children to learn to sew yo yos or sew it yourself to embellish children's clothing or use it to decorate your sash, jewelry pouch, pillows or curtains.

1. Draw a circle on fabric 1/2" lesser than the size of finished flower measurement. In case you are decorating your sash then the width of the sash will be the finished measurement. If the width is 2" the diameter of the circle would be about 3 1/2"
2. Cut out fabric circle

3. On a cardboard draw a circle with a diameter of 1" less than fabric circle for use as a template.

4. Centre template on fabric. Fold and press fabric edges around the cardboard in a narrow and even hem.

5. Remove the cardboard.

6. With matching thread, stitch an even row of running large stitches around the pressed circle close to folded edge leaving long tails of thread at beginning and end of stitching.
7. Pull threads firmly gathering yo yo tightly.
8. Tie ends firmly and trim thread ends. Shape the yo yo making sure gathers are centered
9. If desired sew button onto the center of yo yo. Next sew the yo yo on the sash or the fabric pouch
10. Repeat with other shapes as you desire.

Heart shaped Yo yo is a great embellishment for your sash or fabric pouch too. For pictures and video tutorials for this project write to Jini.

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