Jewelry Appraisals and The Victims of Loss


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This is one of those “Damned if you do and Damned if you don’t” situations, so I guess no matter what happens, people are not going to win – including me.

So I had better start by telling you what I mean by being the ‘Victim of Loss’.

We have all been the victim of loss at some time or another and it doesn’t have to be a crime. Hurricane Katrina is just the latest (extreme) example because of two reasons.

The first: We all put things off until it’s too late. The second: Because we think we are indestructible and it won’t happen to us.

If you had read the blurb on our Jewelry Appraisal website, you will have remembered where I mentioned being ‘The Victim of Loss’ and how we all tend to put it off until it's too late. It is something I am *VERY* passionate about as I have seen first hand just how much it can effect everyone - nobody is immune.

And that reminds us of the Hurricane disaster. These poor people in the Gulf States have become victims of loss on a HUGE scale.

# They have lost their Homes. . . .

# They have lost their jobs - income - places to work. . . .

# They have lost family members - pets - friends. . . .

Okay so houses can be rebuilt – homes are what you carry inside you. It’s a feeling. Jobs – income – will be replaced. Places to work and the memories - they are gone. Family – Friends and even pets (which are often the greatest friend and often treated as family) will be mourned and missed and longed for.

And the people of the Gulf States – Americans – Guests – they have become ‘Victims of Loss’ too, yet we shouldn’t forget some of the small personal things in life they can't replace. Personal things which mean more than Houses and Cars and Jobs even.

# Family Photographs. . . .

# Birth and Wedding Certificates. . . .

# Treasured Jewelry. . . .

*Just think about that for a moment. *

# Family Photographs. . . .

# Birth and Wedding Certificates. . . .

# Treasured Jewelry. . . .

Everything's gone.

They have become the worst cases of ‘Victims of Loss’ we can possibly imagine, and we all should do something to help. But how? (I can almost hear you thinking).

So what can we do? We are so far away. We are too small to make a difference.

But please think about this for a moment longer. Think how lucky you are. Try to imagine what they must be going through - right now - while you're eating your Breakfast - while you're in work - Having a Night out with your family or friends.

Hard, isn't it?

The first thing we can all do is donate, so please use the charity you feel happy with. That helps relieve the pain today. But we need to do more - for tomorrow - for everyone else.

So what I'm suggesting is a two step method. The first gets cash into the hands of the people who need it - The second (I hope) prevents YOUR family and friends from suffering in the same way by being prepared - By NOT becoming the ‘Victim of Loss’ in the future.

We might be able to generate just a little extra than if we just dropped five bucks in a collection tin somewhere.

That brings me back to the “Damned if you do and Damned if you don’t” situation mentioned at the top of this article.

We don’t – under any circumstances – want this to sound like a ‘Pitch’ to get more business. That’s not what we are saying. If ANYBODY just shrugged their shoulders and muttered “Nothin’ we can do…” then they are ‘Damned if they don’t’. If they use whatever means they have to help – They are ‘Damned if they do…’ That’s when people get caught in that ‘Damned’ expression.

SO THE IMPORTANT PART IS YOUR CONTRIBUTION - and I don't mean money either. This is a TWO part study remember?

We are asking you – urging you - to tell your workmates, your family, your friends how they can prevent, in part, becoming the ‘Victim of Loss’ by getting their family photos scanned and copied. Get their Special documents (Wedding and Birth Certificates) scanned and copied. Get their Jewelry Appraisals done right now - before it's too late.

You see, even some of the victims down in New Orleans had personal Jewelry. Heck some of them may even of had an up-to-date Appraisal Certificate locked in their bedroom drawer.

Guess where that piece of paper is now?

It's gone, along with the jewelry, photographs and personal possessions. The gold and silver and diamonds are lost in the mud. That physical appraisal is not worth the paper it WAS written on.

That's why I often stress the benefits of doing your appraisal ONLINE!

No matter what happens (and it's already happened to many) your treasured details are safely locked in a database somewhere, which you can access 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

In short - you will be able to replace your personal Jewelry exactly!

# No guesswork (I think it was 14ct).

# No second best (I'm sure it was a Diamond - but maybe not?)

# No short measure (my wife's chain was longer than that).

So our message is this. . . .

Do it Now before it's too late. . . . Tell a friend - tell your neighbor and be thankful you still have one.

Your small recommendation to others, is for the future. Spread the word - Pass it on - And don't become the ‘Victim of Loss’.

regards and please watch the road. David Foard F. G. A. A. Fellow of the Gemological Association of Australia and former member of JATVC - The Valuers Council (retired).

P. S. If you are really serious about getting a Valuation Appraisal done quickly and easily with minimum effort. . . . then go to the Valuation Appraisal Centre to discover just how easy it is to value your own jewelry and reproduce a Certificate on your own Printer at home or work (The address is listed below) and follow the advice given there. Couldn't be any easier.

P. P. S. If you administer a website or publish an ezine, please feel free to use this article as long as you leave all links in place, do not modify the content and include our resource box as listed below. Although it's not compulsory just send me an email at and let me know if and where you used it. If you need other great content - complimentary of course - then drop me a line at the email address given - ‘cause I've got Gallons of the stuff. . . .

David Foard has spent over 30 years in the Antique Jewelry Trade as a qualified gemologist and member of the Valuers Council. Get a FREE 10 part ‘Hands-on’ practical eCourse on How to Value your Jewelry at Home or Work by going to => and grab a fistfull of Hints - Tips and Secrets.


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