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I love gemstone roughs! They are so fascinating.

I have been collecting gemstones for a few years now, and I tell you what, it is so fascinating that God has made all these things, so precious that sometimes I am simply tempted to get every piece of fine rare little piece of rough gemstone at slightest opportunities.

Sometimes also, I am simply amazed at the array of pleasant colors and very unique properties that characterize these little fascinating treasures.

Dealing in gemstones can be quite rewarding too. Purchasing or buying some very rare roughs that appreciates with time and season could be a wonderful way of collecting very tangible treasures and passing them on to generations. The ceaseless radiant beauty that is associated with jewelries made of gemstone materials; make them the very likeably adorned by many especially at unique and special occasions like weddings and also by celebrities. All these, make excellent rough gemstones collecting a profitable and worthwhile venture.

I have been quite passionate about excellent gemstones collecting, I read a lot about gemstones, their various features and colors, new discoveries, popular gemstones and I have not failed to continue to invest reasonably in this great venture because gemstones will only appreciate thereby, adding value to me.

I also love gemstones because of their significance. A lot of them have very unique and reasonable traditional significance such as birth and anniversary representation. A stone like Alexandrite (the rarest of all birth stone) for instance is the birthstone for those born in June and one of the popular choices for a fifty-fifth wedding anniversary.

These gemstones incidentally, have been widely distributed by God himself in various regions and various countries of the world ranging from Nigeria, USA, Australia, Brazil, Russia, Parkistan, India, Afghanistan, Kenya, Tanzania and a whole lot of other places around the globe.

I have simply been able to put some of my little available collections of these excellent roughs together in my website at http://cryativegems.com. Here, you would have the opportunity of seeing rare gemstones especially from Africa.

I also collect beautiful and unique local arts and crafts especially those made with sand – I mean just the “ordinary sand you step on”. You can view my crafts shop here: http://cryativetreasures.cryativegems.com Happy viewing.

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I am a webdesigner, gemstone collector and supplier; I also collect unique crafts and arts and currently the owner of cryativegem Inc.


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