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Big cigars can be big business! They are gaining in popularity, as can be seen by the number of cigar magazines available and cigar stores springing up. If you have a passion for cigars, why not turn your hobby into a money making business?

Here are four ways to turn your passion for a good cigar into a money-making part time or full time job.

1. Start a cigar store. As cigars are gaining in popularity again they are still not readily available for the person interested in buying high quality cigars. You can fill this gap by starting a cigar store, very much like a wine store, which sells only fine cigars in a boutique style shop.

2. Start a smoking bar. With many cities and towns going “smoke-free, " patrons who like to smoke are finding it more and more difficult to find a place where they can enjoy their cigar. If local regulations allow it, you can start a cigar bar by creating a pleasant environment where people can purchase cigars and smoke them. You'll need tables and comfortable chairs and a large humidor.

3. Become a cigar expert. You probably already know a lot about cigars if you enjoy them for a hobby. Learn as much as you can and cash in on that knowledge by helping other people interested in the hobby. For example, you can write for a cigar magazine, or even write books on the subject. To establish your name as a cigar expert you have a couple options. You can create a cigar podcast, a cigar web site, or even a television show about cigars that might play on the local public television station. These options do not have to cost a lot of money but will go a long way to building credibility in your level of expertise. Once you have gained a reputation as “the person who knows cigars" you'll be able to write magazine articles and books about cigars that sell very well.

4. Many “newbies” to the hobby may not be able to find the proper accessories that need to go with fine cigar enjoyment, like a humidor. You can build humidors and sell them. This may even be a great Internet business!

If cigars are your hobby, why not take it to the next level and make some money off of your interests? Cigars are gaining popularity, and if you are already in on the ground floor, it is very easy to begin making money and ride the wave of popularity to the top!

Jeff Lakie is the founder of Cigar Information a website providing information on Cigars


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