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While some collectors look for only coins of value, misprints, and oddities, the resulting collections tend to become an investment hidden away in a safe or an attic.

The world coin collector is more a person who is interesting in building an intriguing collection based more on geography, gathering coins from every country, or from each mint. The focus is more on creating a structured set and can be geared toward many different interests, ie. Animal coins of Europe, Silver coins of the world, North American coins sorted by year, ect… The point is to create a ‘show piece collection’ rather then just for monitary value.

Collecting world coins is a great starting point for children due to many inexpensive currencies. They can be found in penny jars, at banks, coin/jewelry shops, or just walking down the street.

If you do any world traveling, visit a local bank and get a set of local coins at face value. When friends and reletive travel, let them know you are collecting, and that you will buy any coins they bring back, or that they make a great inexpensive souvinier.

Many hobby shops carry display cases to pretect and show off your collection, and specific collector cases such as for the new US quarters, and yearly pennies, nickles and dimes can sometime be found at your local Target or Walmart.

A good way to find more information and meet other collectors is simply searching the net for collecting forums and blogs, try the world coin collecting blog , or stop by Ebay and see what’s up for auction-ebay .

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world coin collecting


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