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Here is a dream house that is quick cheap and fun to make. Every little girl loves playing with their dolly’s, what better way to make it more fun than to make a cozy home for them, plus this doubles as storage carry case, so it is easy to take dolly out on visits to family and friends.

Let’s get started.

You will need

A cardboard pet carrier, most pet stores sell these at a low cost.
Three to four sheets of gift wrap or wall paper
Carpet remnant you can pick up samples or off cuts from carpet stores
Scraps of fabric for curtains
Three sheets of thin card in a color of your choice I used pink to fit outside of house
Corrugated card
A sheet of brown paper or some brown paper bags
Two toilet tissue tubes
Poster paints, with color to match card, and paint brush
Strong craft glue
Double-sided sticky tape
Craft knife and scissors

This is what you do.

Inside the house
Cut the gift wrap or wall paper to line the four walls of the house,
Including the lid flaps.
Stick in place but don’t use too much glue to avoid paper wrinkling.
Score along the fold lines of the lid to allow the paper to lay flat,
Then carefully cut out the handle holes.
Cut the carpet to fit the floor.
Decorate the inside of the house with cut down post cards for pictures
And cut out card for windows, door and little pieces of scrap material for curtains

Outside the house

Cut two rectangles of card to cover the ends of the box allow about 1.5cm overlap at each side trimming the card to fit the triangular shape at top. Glue firmly into place.
Stick a piece of corrugated card over each triangle from fold to top and trim to fit shape.
Brush with matching paint.
Cut two pieces of card to fit the back and front of box exactly and glue firmly into place.
Here you will need to paint a door and windows lining up with the inside ones, also I painted a white picket fence and flowers all around from one side of the door to the other.

The Roof

Cut brown paper or bags into 8cm wide strips fold in half lengthways and cut from open edge up to make a fringe.
Stick a piece of double sided tape to each strip and stick to the lid in overlapping layers to look like a thatched roof.
For the chimney cut the toilet tubes in half lengthways trim one end of each half to an angle of about 45 degrees, so it will fit snugly against the slope of the roof.

Cover each half with brown paper, leaving 3cm sticking tabs at the back.
Using double sided sticky tape stick the tabs either side of the handle at back and front
Fill the gaps around the chimney with the paper thatch.
When lid is closed the chimney halves will come together to make it look like one.

Now all you need is dolly and her furniture and lot’s of fun play imagination.

Sandra is a retired Primary School Craft Teacher, who excels in the fine art of crafts -And has just written an E-Book on a craft she invented look out for it at Who knows you may get inspired to make something yourself.


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