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Making Aromatherapy Candles


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Aromatherapy is one of the biggest selling markets today. Aromatherapy is a holistic treatment that can be used in conjunction with other types of stress relief. Aromatherapy candles have found their way into many homes, businesses, and alternative health practices. Aromatherapy candles are an excellent way to open up your senses and relieve stress.

What is needed to make aromatherapy candles.

Before we begin to make these wonderful candles let us look at what equipment and supplies will be needed. First you will need essential oils. Essential oils are obtained from plants using a specific method of distillation. Essential oils can be very expensive. The good thing about essential oils is that it only takes a small amount to produce the aroma that you want for your candle. Some people like to mix these essential oils to make a scent of their own. For now we will stick with just one basic essential oil. Bergamot is an essential oil used for tension and stress. It is also an essential oil that is used to help as an antidepressant because it is an uplifting effect. There are many places that you can get the essential oil that you want. The type of candle, whether it is a soy or paraffin, will determine the equipment needed. In this article we will show how to make a soy aromatherapy candle using the essential oil for the fragrance. You will need a measuring bowl made of glass to melt your wax, potholders to hold the wax when removing it from the microwave, a spoon, soap, water, a container, essential oil, and dye if desired. You will also need a wick, hot glue gun, and a pencil.

The art of creating an aromatherapy candle.

You are now ready to begin your journey on making your first aromatherapy candle. Let us take a take a look at wicks. The wick that you use for your aromatherapy candle can directly effect how your candle burns. Not all wicks are created equal. Always purchase the size wick that you need according to the diameter of your candle that you will be crafting. Gather all your supplies and equipment. Place the appropriate amount of soy chip wax into the measuring cup. To know the amount of wax that you will need you will need to know the capacity of the container that you are putting your aromatherapy candle in. You can start with a small amount of soy wax chips and add more until you reach the desired amount of melted wax. While the wax is melting prepare your container by using hot glue to attach the metal portion of the wick to the inside of the container. Use the pencil with a small amount of the wick wrapped around it to hold the wick in the middle. Secure the pencil to prevent movement while pouring the wax. Remove the melted wax carefully from the microwave to prevent burns. Try adding a few drops of essential oil to your melted wax. It is better to have little than to have too much. That way, when your candle burns, the fragrance does not overwhelm the person that it is for. This is the experimental part of aromatherapy and most sources do not agree on the amount to use. Once the oil is in the melted soy wax, mix well and pour into your container. Be sure the wick is centered after pouring.

For aromatherapy candles using a less decorative glass or tin as the holder will help the person using the candle to concentrate on the aroma and not just on how the container looks. You now have a beautiful candle that is a wonderful gift to share. If your candle aroma is not right the first time you may have to experiment with the use of the essential oils to get it right. Don't give up; you will create the perfect aromatherapy candle. Remember, mixing the oils is one way to create your own special aroma.

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