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How Do You Determine The Worth of Your Vintage Dolls?


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How do you know when a vintage doll is worth something? There are doll value books you start with; however, just looking up your particular vintage doll in the doll value book does not mean yours is worth what the book says. It could be worth more or less depending on several factors. There are many things that determine a vintage doll’s worth.

Doll Collector Term Book Value: The value of your vintage doll is a price guide and not the value you can expect when you sell your doll either on the internet or to a dealer. Book Value is generally for a doll in excellent condition.

After looking at the worth in the doll value book, you next need to determine what the market demand is for your particular vintage doll. If there is no market demand for your vintage doll, you are unlikely to get the doll value book price. When there is low demand for your vintage doll, you will need to advertise for less than the price the doll value book says in order to make a sale. If there is high demand the vintage doll would sell high at an auction or a doll shop.

One of the most important ways to determine if your vintage doll is valuable is to find out just how rare the doll is. In general, the rarer the vintage doll, the higher price tag you can place on it and the more it is worth to you and others. If it is hard to find, a collector will generally want it, and will pay the higher price for it.

What is the condition of your vintage doll? Is your doll in “mint” condition, or excellent condition? You will need to determine exactly what condition your vintage doll is in.

Doll Collector Term Mint Condition: Flawless, no signs of wear or tear, no major flaws, just like it first rolled off the assembly line of production, etc. The doll must be spotlessly clean and not played with. The vintage doll that is in mint condition must have every single piece of clothing or accessory he or she originally came with. The clothing must have the like-new crispiness that is known as “sizing. ” Face paint must be bright; this is especially true for blush on the cheeks. The hair must have its original tightly-curled appearance. The vintage doll in mint condition must have the original box and/or hang tag.

Doll Collector Term Excellent Condition: Doll that is not mint, but has no major flaws. The dress is not perfect or not the original dress, there are minor flaws.

A vintage doll in mint condition that is rare will sell for a much higher price than a vintage doll well played-with. Even if you discover your vintage doll is not in the mint condition, he or she can still be valuable, just not as valuable. Always research current market value in print and online.

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