Are Diecast Cars Getting Too Expensive?

Andreas Niklasson

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Has it gone too far? Is it reasonable to pay 100usd for just one diecast car in 1:18 scale? I think when you compare the details with today’s “average” diecast cars with diecast cars from 10 years ago, you can really see how the cars have improved enormously.

And it is quite easy to understand this improvement has affected the prices. And with Internet being a major place for collectors to find their models this has really pushed diecast company’s to improve their models compared to the other diecast cars.

Today everything on each diecast car has a very high quality to it, 10 years ago it wasn't unusual to find areas where the proportions were all wrong on cars. In todays time this is not acceptable, everything from the headlamp to the rear wing has to be perfect as collectors standard has really gone sky high. This is ofcourse a great thing for us as we get better models, but is it worth the high increase in price?

And as Internet really is a global online store in a way, it has allowed diecast manufactures to increase the prices a lot.

Still 100usd for one diecast car are a lot, but if you ask me it is worth it. For ten years ago having something as detailed as today’s modelcars would be extremely expensive as it would have probably been handmade by a very small and exclusive diecast company. So go out there and buy your favorite diecast car and even though they are more expensive than ever, you will know that you are getting something very special.

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The How to of Diecast Collecting
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