Christmas Gifts for Dad - 2 Easy Projects for Children

Jen S Carter

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Is Dad hard to buy Christmas gifts for? If adults have difficulty choosing holiday gifts for men, think of the problem it is for children. Here are four possibilities.

Fire Starters for Dad

Most dads have either a fireplace or barbeque and can use fire starters. Have the child pick up pine cones at the park or anywhere there are pine trees. Let them dry out. You can decorate them with a little glitter if you wish. Pile them up in an attractive basket or bucket, add a big ribbon and the gift is ready. It’s also inexpensive!

If pine cones are not available, twigs will work fine for fire starters. Gather them in sheaves and tie them with ribbon. Stand them up in a basket or bucket. Add a big ribbon to the handle.

A third type of fire starter is made with adult help. Save up your cardboard egg cartons. Cut off the tops and recycle them. Get some cotton twine and thread it through the bottom of each section of the egg carton, tying a knot underneath so it does not pull through. Cut the twine at the height of the egg carton plus one inch. This is the wick. Melt paraffin (adults only) and pour it into each section, very carefully. Keep the wick upright. Sprinkle a little glitter on top. Let dry. When dad needs a fire starter, he cuts one or two sections, puts them in the fireplace under the wood and lights them.

Bird Feeders: A Project for Dad and His Kid To Share at Christmas

This gift is a project for Dad and his kid to do together. The Christmas gift for Dad is the materials for the bird feeders. You need: a few pine cones, the larger, the better. Yarn, a scissors, two butter knives, a jar of peanut butter, and bird seed are also needed. Decorate a box big enough to hold everything, with a lid. Put everything in the box, cover, and add a ribbon.

When Dad is ready to help his kid with the project, they use the butter knives to spread peanut butter on the tips of the pine cone sections. Sprinkle bird seed on top of the peanut butter. Use the scissors to cut the yarn and tie it to the pine cone to make a hanger. Hang your bird feeders outdoors.

These simple Christmas gifts for Dad should help solve the problem of what to buy him for Christmas!

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