Kids Crafts: Balloons, Bubbles & Balls #3


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Craft: Balloon Brushes
Activities: Balloon Battle, Balloon Yo-Yos!, Bubble Bubble Pop Pop!, Scoop ‘n Toss
Snack: Coconut Balls
Reading Selection: Zachary's Ball by Matt Tavares

Balloon Brushes
# 1 package of balloons
# sticks or dowels
# rubber bands or floral wire

Gather a bunch of balloons (deflated) around a stick or dowel. Take a rubber band or floral wire and secure the balloons to the stick or dowel. Have the children dip the “balloon brush" into paint and explore!

Balloon Battle
# Balloons
# string
# inflated balloons.

Designate a certain color for each team. (If you have a LOT of children you can have more teams or you don't have to have teams at all) Tie a balloon to each players ankle. Each team tries to burst the other's balloon first. The team with the last balloons wins. As your balloon is burst, you withdraw from the game.

Balloon Yo-Yos!
# 9 inch balloon
# Long rubber band
# Water

This yo-yo balloon is about the size of a baseball. You'll need to fill it with water and air to make it that size. (Aprox. 3/4 cup water and then blow to make it the right size!) The air is very important as it acts as a cushion for the water. The ratio is 1/4 water to 3/4 air. Tie it off. Snip the rubber band and tie a loop in one end. Tie the other end snugly around the balloon stem. That's it! The kids can use markers to personalize these. They're a LOT of fun and cost about 3 cents apiece to make. They also make great party favors! Enjoy!!!

Note: Always use caution with broken balloon pieces and children. Discard of broken latex balloons immediately.

Bubble Bubble Pop Pop!
# bubble solution
# white paper
# food coloring

Take bubble solution, white construction paper, shallow pans, and food coloring outside with your child. Pour bubble solution into several shallow pans. Squeeze drops of different color food coloring into each pan. Help your child dip the bubble wand into the pan and blow bubbles onto the paper - make sure you use all the colors!

Scoop ‘n Toss
#empty gallon milk jugs
#foam ball

Collect two one gallon milk jugs and a foam ball. Cut the jugs to form a scoop. Use sandpaper to rub away any sharp edges. Take your child outside and have fun playing toss. Make the activity more difficult by moving farther apart. Have Fun!

Coconut Balls
# 1 12oz. package semisweet-chocolate pieces
# 3/4 cup sweetened condensed milk
# 1tsp. vanilla extract
# 1/8 tsp. salt
# 1/8 cup coconut flakes

In a heavy, 2-quart saucepan over low heat), melt chocolate pieces. Stir in condensed milk, vanilla and salt until well mixed.

Put into the refrigerator for about 45 minutes or until it is easy to shape. With buttered hands, shape the mixture into small balls. Roll each ball in the coconut flakes. This recipe is a wonderful treat for young children to make with adult supervision.

Reading Selection:
Zachary's Ball by Matt Tavares

Please use care when using balloons around small children. Balloons can be a choking hazard.

Pam Lester is a former art teacher and mother of 2. She is the owner and creator of and http://www.Class-Par . The sites offer free kids crafts, recipes, games and activities for parents, teachers and caregivers. Please visit TheIdeaBox for more great ideas!


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