Different Wood Types For Log Beds


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When making a log bed, or even buying a log bed, there are many important factors you will want to first consider. Woods come in many different types, colors, and textures. Some are easy to work with, some are not. Some would make great small pieces, but not large items like a bed.

If you have an oak dresser and want an oak bed, you can’t just go pick up the first oak wood you see. Even within specific genres, there are many different types and where some oak wood may be white, other oak wood may be a slightly pink color. Some woods do not age very well, others will last for years and look beautiful.

Some wood may damage and dent easily, others hold up remarkably well. Log bed wood can be rounded, using actual logs, or you can turn it into planks and make a less bulky frame.

When you are at the lumberyard deciding all of these things, make sure that you know the difference between softwood and soft wood, and hardwood and hard wood. Softwood and hardwood are the terms used to tell if a tree is coniferous or deciduous. Coniferous trees grow needles and last all year long.

They are softwood. Deciduous trees are hardwood and the are classified as having leaves which grow in the spring and turn brown and fall off in the fall. When you are making something as large and solid as a bed you are going to want to use harder wood. However, not all woods classified as hardwood are hard, just as all woods classified as softwoods are soft.

For example, some types of pine wood makes some very nice wood. It is fairly hard wood. But it is classified as softwood. Be aware of the differences so that you do not end up with something that will not work for your log wood bed.

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