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Are you in need of a bit of a “pick me up" when it comes to scrapbooking ideas? If so, take heart. There are many ways to incorporate traditional methods in new ways as well as ideas to branch out and try something new. The following ideas can help spark new ideas or point you in a new direction.

Quote It - You love the photos, but feel intimidated by the idea of adding journal entries to help you remember. One way to get around this is to use different entry techniques. For example, when scrapbooking a favorite event, consider using quotes from the event rather than simply stating what it was. A tour guide may have provided an unusual piece of history, or a child may have piped up with something funny. Making note of the things people say adds a unique dimension to your memories.

Scrapbooks of Unusual Size - Consider going smaller or larger than the traditional scrapbook. You can make your own minis or find plenty to choose from that are specifically designed for this purpose. Oversized scrapbooks can be a fun alternative as well, creating an air of fine art that deserves special recognition. You can make your own, using specialty papers and card stocks, and include as many or as few pages as you're inclined.

Multicultural - Tired of the same old themes? Look to other cultures and works of art for inspiration. This obviously works well for travel and vacation scrapbooks, but you can gather ideas from these sources as well. Visit the library and browse art and travel books highlighting culture from around the globe. You'll likely walk away with some good ideas.

Turn to Nature - Remember pressing flowers or making an imprint of leaves? These same themes can easily be incorporated into your scrapbooking projects. Making an imprint is quick and easy, but you can also press flowers or use leaves with a quick and easy self-stick laminating kit. It's quick, easy, and adds some outdoor flair to your project.

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