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Making a Baby Smile

George Pettit

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One of the joys in life is seeing a baby smile. Excitement over the simple things in life brings innocent giggles and smiles to a baby’s face. Making a baby smile can be done in many ways.


The element of surprise brings smiles of wonderment to a baby’s face. Playing games that present new sights and sounds makes an infant joyful. Ducking behind an object and suddenly reappearing with a silly gasp of surprise should induce a giggle. Playing peek-a-boo can have the same effect. Funny faces, strange noises and unexpected movement nearly always cause a clap, a giggle or a smile.


Giving the infant baby gifts to play with is one way to induce a smile. Baby gifts that make silly noises grab attention. Squeaks, beeps and rattles make a baby smile. Soft and fuzzy animals with noisemakers in their bellies cause joyful giggles when squeezed or shaken. Toys that make sudden movement, talk or spin are attention-getters, too.


Babies are ticklish. A nuzzle under the chin might induce a smile. Tickling the feet or bellybutton might cause kicking and smiling. Just a few light dashes with the fingertips at just the right moment can send a baby into fits of wriggles and giggles.


Waking up from a nap can make little ones grumpy. It might even make them cry. Wrapping the infant in a baby blanket has a calming effect. Gently bouncing up and down while singing is soothing. Nuzzling the baby and offering a pacifier helps the little one feel better. After a while, the tears will stop and a smile will appear.


Going for a ride is a marvelous way to make a baby smile. Whether in a car, a bouncy seat or a stroller, movement brings comfort and joy. Swings and mechanical toy cars create a sense of excitement and happiness. Happy babies smile.

Whatever is done to make a baby smile does not have to be complicated, just fun, cute, new or exciting. Baby gifts , noises, movement and comfort create happiness. After making a baby smile, the grown-up will probably smile, too.


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