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Your Home is Your Castle in Retirement

Cathy Severson

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When people think of retirement, they usually visualize traveling to exotic locations, visiting friends and family, getting involved in activities in the community, playing golf or other outdoor activities.

No matter how you imagine or plan your retirement, your home is going to be more important than when you worked. You need to take a new look at your home to evaluate how it is going to serve as your primary base from here on out.

The most extraverted and involved person will more spend more time at home than they did when they were working. Even if you fill your initial retirement years fully engaged in volunteer, leisure activities and travel, there were eventually come a time when you will want or need to slow down.

Your home can start feeling like a prison if you have never developed any activities you enjoy doing there. If you do not have activities you enjoy doing around the house, now is the time to start. With a passion you can engage without going anywhere, home can be a place that renews your spirit and stimulates you mentally, physically or emotionally.

It is important for people who have spent their adult lives out in the work world to look at home as more than a place to hang your hat. It is especially essential for men who may look at home as the domain of his wife. Not only does a newly retired man need to find activities around the house he enjoys, but he needs to have a space he can claim as his own. If his province was the office away from the home, he needs to have a room or garage that he can do with as he pleases. He needs to feel that there is a part of the home that is his alone.

These activities should hold your interests, be intellectually, or physically stimulating. They should use your creativity. You know you have found the right activity when time flies; you look up at the clock and what felt like five minutes was actually two hours. It may take some experimentation to find activities that will be worth your energy. The key is not get sucked into spending all your new free time watching television.

The first few years of retirement are a time to see the world and do things you were not able to do when you were working. As you age, most people slow down. Illness can affect your ability to be out or finances may diminish. Having taken the time when you were younger to generate home based activities and interests will make the transition into elderhood much easier.

Cathy Severson, MS helps you make the most of your retirement. If you're spending more than 8 hours a day on the Internet, are you sure this is the life you want to live? Visit for resources, tools and community for The New Aging.


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