Choosing The Best Shopping Cart Cover 4 Kids


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You Purchase A Shopping Cart Cover:

Does it cover 100% of the seating area?
The main purpose for using a shopping cart cover is to protect your child from germs and bacteria found on shopping carts and restaurant high chairs. If your cart cover doesn't cover everything your child touches, your child can still pick up harmful germs and become sick. Make sure the cart cover you choose puts a barrier between germs and your child. Also, if the whole seating area is covered, it provides protection from dirty, hot, pollen, cold, and wet carts.

Does the shopping cart cover come with its own safety belt?
Children need to be strapped in to prevent injuries. How many times have you seen carts with broken or missing seat belt straps? How clean do you think the cart straps are? Would you let your child teeth on them? If you use a contaminated seat belt, it defeats the purpose of covering the seating area. Your shopping cart cover should come with its own safety belt to secure both your child and the cart cover to the cart. Never use your cover with the belting provided with the cart - it is germ infested. The cover safety belting should be weaned thru the metal bars every use - as with all baby products, ADULT SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES!!!! This is a product not a babysitter

Is the cart cover machine washable?
A shopping cart cover should make your life easier, not harder. With your busy schedule, you want something that is easy to care for. We all know that children can spill their snacks and drinks. You will want to wash your shopping cart cover to keep it clean for your child. Avoid chenille and silkie fabrics, if your child has allegeries chenille is not the way to go, silkies should be avoided if you have a baby girl with earrings, they may get their earrings stuck to the silky fabric.

How easy is the cart cover to install and remove?
If you are like most parents, you have your hands full. You will want a cover that can be installed with one hand while you hold your baby in the other. Ease of installation and removal is important. . . especially if you have a young child or multiple children. It should be quick and simple or you are likely not to use it every time.

Does it fit in restaurant high chairs?
Restaurant high chairs are almost as dirty as the grocery carts. Many times they are sticky and have leftover crumbs from another child. We wash our children's hands before they eat. Shouldn't we make sure that what they touch while sitting at the table is also clean?

How much or little padding does the cart cover have?
A child will require more padding for comfort and protection from the bars and metal on the cart. Remember over stuffed or extra padded covers is not the best they are cumbersome and can cause a SUFFOCATION HAZARD to a sleeping infant. Felt or quilted fabric any other thin material is a complete waste of money.

Does the shopping cart cover come with a Tote Bag or Travel Bag?
Covers with a carry bag or tote bag are the best, they make traveling much simpler. If a cover does not come with some type of carrying system, you will have to take around a large cumbersome cover with you, mommy*s biggest wish is for that 3rd arm!.

Does the cover come with pockets?
Pockets can be a very convenient way to store things without having to lug a full diaper bag in everytime you go somewhere. Pockets can hold diapers, wipes, toys, wallets, cell phones, and keys.

Velcro or zippers to close pockets are not a good idea since they may cause your child to get scratched when trying to remove something from the pocket. If the pockets are open, the child can get into them freely. Also check to see where the pockets are located. Are the pockets next to the child, one pocket behind the seat and out of the child's reach is perfect for placing their bottle or sippy cup when not in use to avoid dripping into the seating area of the cart.

Does the cart cover have toy loops?
Loops on a cover are great for attaching toys or pacifiers to keep the child content. Attaching them also keeps them off the dirty floor.

Does the cover fit in oversized or double carts?
If you shop a lot at Sam's Club, Costco, or BJ's, their carts are usually extra large. Will your cover be large enough to cover the oversized seating area?

One cover with dual purposes is the best, large carts, small carts and park swings, high chairs all in one cover is the IDEAL Shopping Cart Cover 4 You!


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