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Materials Used in the Manufacture of Baby Wipes

Pankaj Kumar

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Babies are extremely vulnerable to staying wet for long periods. They have a tendency to develop infections in these instances and also tend to contract a cold from frequent contact with water. This is primarily because they have a relatively reduced power of immunity since it is still in the developmental state.

Thus care needs to be taken in order to ensure that contact with moisture and cold is kept at a minimum. The use of baby wipes tends to provide the perfect solution since:

  • They are disposable,
    They are soft on the sensitive skin of the baby and
    They use gentle cleansing agents which have no adverse effect on the baby skin.

Materials used

Materials used in making these soft baby wipes vary and depending on the same these wipes come in many different styles and shapes, sizes and chemical or organics formulations. Today wipes even differ in quality with premium quality wipes being:

  • Thicker with more ability to stretch,
  • More absorbent
  • Hypoallergenic for the soft sensitive skin,
  • pH balanced yet alcohol free and
  • With or without fragrance to make baby wipes fragrance free or with fragrance.

There are actually three main categories of raw materials used in the manufacture of these wipes. They are:

  • Fabrics: These are non-woven and thus similar to the ones used in making dryer sheets and disposable diapers. This fabric is not woven, which means that they are made using a special process wherein a mass of individually separate fibres are pressed to make a single sheet. Common fibres which are pressed to make wipes include naturally occurring rayon and cotton as well as plastic resins or polyethylene, polypropylene or the most common polyester.

Cleansing ingredients: Water is the most important ingredient used and it serves both as a diluent and a carrier for all the other ingredients that are used in the manufacture of these baby wipes alcohol free. Other ingredients which are also used in the form of a mixture are:

      • Mild detergents which do not strip the baby skin of its natural oils and neither causes skin irritation like
      • Amphoteric surfactants like those that are used to make baby shampoos,
      • Primary surfactants like coco phosphatidyl PG dimonium chloride, diamphoacetate etc.
      • Moisturising agents or humectants like glycerine or glycol to prevent the solution from drying prematurely and also help to moisturise the skin,
      • Oils to help soften the skin like lanolin, silicones or even mineral oils,
      • Thickeners to enable the finished product to maintain its correct viscosity and consistency,
      • Preservatives to prevent the growth of microbials,
      • Optional natural ingredients like oatmeal extract, aloe vera etc. , which have a bearing on the price of baby wipes.

Packaging components: The packaging of these wipes has to be such that it prevents contamination of the wipes and also enables them to be easily dispensed with after use. Hence plastic tubes which are thermo-moulded and with hinged lids are generally used for the convenience of the users who buy baby wipes .

These are the raw materials which are used in the manufacture of baby wipes and make them excellent wiping agent for the sensitive and soft skin of babies.


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