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How Does The Use Of Diapers Affect Newborns?

Pankaj Kumar

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The birth of a child is always a cause for celebration for all members of the family. But for the newborn, the world seems like an alien place for that cocoon of safety which physically engulfed him suddenly gets shattered. While getting back this security is as easy as getting that first cuddle from the mother, other problems associated with having been born can seem quite confusing for the new born.

The process of elimination of waste products is one such physiological process which a newborn experiences for the first time on birth. And the experience of lying in wet bedclothes is hardly a source of enjoyment for the newborn. In fact there is also an additional fear of the newborn contracting an infection from being subjected to urine for long hours. Thus this is a problem which requires an immediate solution and newborn diapers present the perfect answer.

Advantages of using diapers

Diapers have come a long way from being traditionally consisting of a cotton absorbent cloth wrapped around and in-between the baby’s legs. Today diapers are manufactured in a way that they are comfortable to wear and can also be disposed of easily after use. There are several advantages associated with the use of these modern disposable diapers like:

  • Convenience: These disposable diapers are not only available at all speciality and medicine shops; they can also be purchased online. In fact those that are available online come with a better discount thereby bringing down the newborn diapers price considerably and making them even more affordable. The fact that these diapers can simply be thrown away after use increases their convenience.
  • Changes can be quickly made: There are instances when newborns require quick diaper changes. This can be easily facilitated by the use of these disposable diapers which can be quickly put onto the newborn and also quickly removed. In fact a person effecting the change becomes quicker with practise.
    • Ensure that they keep smelling fresh and
    • The chemicals and materials used do not result in allergic reaction.
  • Hypoallergenic: One argument made against the use of diapers is the setting in of infections with prolonged use of the same. But advanced research and development have made it possible for diapers to come equipped with chemicals which:

But some newborns have a much more sensitive skin than most and this can make them vulnerable to the chemicals present in the normal disposable diapers. Thus today hypoallergenic diapers are also available which ensure that no baby suffers any allergic reaction or any other discomfort from wearing them making them the best newborn diaper currently available.

Some disadvantages of diaper use

However, there are certain disadvantages associated with regular use of diapers like:

  • Expense: Diapers, when used regularly and on a daily basis, can prove to be quite an expensive option in the long run.
  • Skin rashes: This is another problem which is common to newborns and babies who use them regularly. This is because moisture provides the perfect breeding space for bacteria.

In order to take care of these disadvantages, it becomes necessary for parents to ration the use of diapers and always use the best diapers for newborns . This not only brings down the number of diapers used in a day but also ensure that the area covered by the diaper gets ample fresh air to remain dry and prevent the onset of infections.


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